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The Temerian Dynasty is an ancient royal line represented by silver fleurs-de-lis on a black background, that dates back to the First Landing when it was founded by legendary King Dezmod and his descendants.[1] They originally had their seat in Old manor house where Royal Crypt of Temerian Monarchs was located but this changed in the 1260s when Princess Adda the White was cursed into Striga and forced the-then King Foltest to built new Royal Palace.[2]


The original coat of arms established by the legendary monarch was a shield with the upper half gold and portraying a passant black lion and the lower half black without a sign. Royal dukes, however, used a different one, adding a third field with three silver lilies symbolizing their succession to the throne. This remained until Prince Goidemar led the Temerian Army against insurgents of Falka and, under his lily standards, fought and won decisive victories. When he inherited the throne from his father, King Gardic, he established three silver lilies on the black shield as the kingdom's coat of arms as a memento of those battles and miraculous escape of his wife and children from enemy hands. His son, King Cedric, did the last change and by special decree studded the shield with lilies.[3]

Throughout the ages, the dynasty made many contacts and had married its members to several houses, including the House of Raven, House of Thyssen, lines of kings and queens from Brugge, Sodden, Cidaris and quite distantly to the Redanian Dynasty, although the relationship between the two is at an all-time low.[2] During the reign of King Goidemar, there were also plans to marry Prince Amavet with Princess Deirdre of Kaedwen, one of King Benda's daughters, thus creating a union with the Dynasty of the Unicorn, but it failed thanks to the heir's womanizing nature.[4]


Family tree[]

Unknown Generations
Possible consort
Maria Pulcheria
Redanian Line
Cidaris Line
Adda of Cidaris
House of Thyssen
Berengaria Thyssen
Cintran Line
Sodden Line
Bienvenu La Louve
Maria Louisa La Valette
Adda of Temeria
Adda the White


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