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Temerian History
"Before Lara Dorren died in solitude, she gave birth to a daughter, who was adopted by the queen of Redania and named Riannon. At the age of seventeen, Riannon married Goidemar, the king of Temeria.
Three years after the wedding the famous Falka rebellion began, during which the pregnant Riannon was accidentally captured. In prison, she gave birth to twins and subsequently descended into madness. At the same time the fierce Falka gave birth to a daughter, whom she abandoned to wage war, leaving the child for the mad prisoner to nurse. Soon thereafter the rebellion was suppressed, Falka was captured and burned at the stake and King Goidemar regained his wife - with three children.
The first Nilfgaardian invasion began ten years ago. After crossing the Yaruga river, the Black Ones attacked Cintra. The capital was taken by surprise, its citizens were slaughtered, and the queen committed suicide.
Brugge, Sodden and Temeria stood against Nilfgaard. It seemed the Nilfgaardian offensive was unstoppable, but the three states managed to halt it at the Battle of Sodden. Altogether twenty-two mages fought for the Northern Kingdoms, fourteen of whom died. Yet in the end it was the mages who negotiated a truce.
After three peaceful years, during a meeting of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, there occurred a schism in the organization and its members fought each other. As a result, many died and the Brotherhood disbanded. At the same time, the Imperial forces attacked the Northern Kingdoms. The kings were divided, arguing, and couldn't face Nilfgaard on their own. King Foltest signed a truce with the Black Ones, yet it proved short-lived. The Imperial army pushed forward and was not defeated until the Battle of Brenna. This victory proved pivotal, reminding the feuding rulers that Nilfgaard is not invincible - the kings of the north reunited and faced the Black Ones together. Finally, a peace treaty was signed, changing the balance of power in the world forever."


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