Example usage:
{{Infobox Film TV
|Title =
|Image =
|Type =
|Starring =

|Directors =
|executive_producers =
|Producers =
|Writers =
|Consultants =
|Composers =
|Release_date =
|Running_time =
|Language =
|Budget =

|Network =
|Original_run =
|No_of_seasons =
|No_of_episodes =

|Previous_movie =
|Next_movie =

|Previous_season =
|Next_season =

|Website =

This template is for organizing information for films or seasons, not episodes. The only field that will be filled in is the name, everything else is optional and won't show unless information is put in.

You do not need to put in previous or next season information if there is none as the box will automatically adjust to not include the empty one.

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