{{Infobox Quest3
|Name = 
|Image = 
|Type = this appears twice, as the quest icon beside the name, and in the description as text
|Starting_icon = this means the journal quest icon. If it's an unmarked one, use the region it starts in. Note that possibly due to a game bug, Novigrad icon doesn't display correctly and instead shows Velen

|Region = 
|Location = 
|Level = 
|Reward = 
|Previous = 
|Next = 

|Type = same as above but in text form
|Cutoff_quest = only fill in if it's known to have a cutoff point (usually main quests do this but some will not appear after certain secondary quests)
|Enemies = 

|Location_map = 

All fields other than "name" are optional, and should be left blank if unknown.

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Technical Information

Most of the fields for this should be straightforward, however please note this template uses div formatting for its header to display its related quest icon and region icon with the title.

Due to style limitations to keep information centered in the header, it requires the "Type" field to be filled in to fully display it and the starting region icon along with the page name (though starting region icon isn't needed if there isn't one). If there's no type, it'll just default to showing the title with no icons.

The "Type" and "Starting_icon" fields make use of a switch function for display purposes while "Type" also gets displayed as text within the infobox itself for non-desktop viewers ("Starting_icon" doesn't as there are separate "Region" and "Location" fields already).

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