{{Infobox Quest3
|Name = 
|Image = 
|Type = this appears twice, as the quest icon beside the name, and in the description as text
|Starting_icon = this means the journal quest icon. If it's an unmarked one, use the region it starts in. Note that possibly due to a game bug, Novigrad icon doesn't display correctly and instead shows Velen

|Region = 
|Location = 
|Level = 
|Reward = 
|Previous = 
|Next = 

|Type = same as above but in text form
|Cutoff_quest = only fill in if it's known to have a cutoff point (usually main quests do this but some will not appear after certain secondary quests)
|Enemies = 

|Location_map = 

All fields other than "name" are optional, and should be left blank if unknown.

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