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Temple Cemetery surrounds the temple of Lebioda in the southeastern part of Hauteville near Lassommoir in Beauclair, and includes a fairly extensive underground crypt featured as a location of several quests in the Blood and Wine expansion. Although there are other cemeteries in the surrounding area, Orlémurs and Mère-Lachaiselongue to name two, the Temple cemetery is most popular among the city's wealthiest inhabitants and even ducal crypt is located here.

Mysterious noises, grave robbing thugs, the final resting place of the Gwent society members of Beauclair; the catacombs under the Temple Cemetery holds many secrets.


Associated quests


  • Some of the doors that lead outside have been known to be bugged, with the doors open but the large knobs still in the doorway, thus preventing one from exiting this route.


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