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The Temple Guard, also known as the Novigrad Guard, is the armed hand of the Novigrad Security Bureau which serves to protect the Great Temple of the Eternal Fire, ensure the safety of the citizens and oversee the observance of the law.


From at least 1230s to the 1260s, its members were dressed lightly in black tunics and round leather hats. Their weapon of choice during these times was a spiked lamia, a whip forbidden in most of the civilized countries for its cruelty.[1]

In 1272, when Caleb Menge took over the secret service, the guard's equipment changed significantly. Members of the Guard were now fully armed and their colors changed to red and white. They also replaced lamias with steel swords and halberds. Some also had crossbows or bows.[2]





  • In The Witcher 3, they act as the guards of Novigrad along with the Witch Hunters, which means that they can turn hostile if you provoke them or steal something when they're nearby. However once Redania takes over the city, they will stop acting as guards and will not act if you are provoking them. (Nearby Redanian soldiers and Witch Hunters can still turn hostile)