Disambig-icon This article is about the temple in Ellander. For the temple in Vizima, see Temple of Melitele (Vizima). For the temple in Lyria, see Melitele's Temple.

Temple of Melitele in Ellander just outside the main city is quite possibly the best known place set up in the goddess' name. A poplar-flanked road leads from the gate to the buildings near the sanctuary and the main temple block which is built against a mountain wall. There are gardens and outbuildings, and the grotto, sort of a greenhouse hewn from rock and roofed over with crystal.

Nenneke rules this place, honouring the policies of Duke Hereward when it suits her fancy, tending to the wounded and the sick, helping with childbirth and training new priestesses of Melitele. It was here the Ciri began her instruction under the watchful eye of the priestess. Later, her studies were overseen by Yennefer.

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  • The framing story of The Last Wish collection, "The Voice of Reason", takes place mostly in and around the temple grounds.
  • In The Hexer, the temple appears in several episodes. However, unlike the books, the temple was burned to the ground and all the priestesses within were slain.
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