Disambig-icon This article is about the temple in Vizima. For the one in Ellander, see Temple of Melitele (Ellander). For the temple in Lyria, see Melitele's Temple.
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One of several temples of Melitele is located in Vizima, capital of Temeria.

For some time after death her death, Adela was worshiped here as an incarnation of the Goddess.

The Witcher Edit

Places St Lebiodas Hospital exterior

The temple also appears in the first installment of trilogy. After a local outbreak of Catriona plague, it was converted into St. Lebioda's Hospital. To this day a triple-bodied statue of the goddess stands inside and place is under Order of the Flaming Rose's protection.

Places Altar of Melitele

Side Effects premium module Edit

In Side Effects, a Temple of Melitele is located in the Temple Quarter of Vizima.

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