The Apiarian Phantom is a powerful Hound of the Wild Hunt who strayed from its pack during one of their numerous raids.

One day, while aimlessly wandering, it came across the Honeyfill Meadworks, a bee farm owned by a rich Halfling family, where it destroyed numerous beehives and killed a few farmhands before running away into a nearby construction site.

Bestiary Entry

Something's destroyed our fields and hives. We think it's... the apiarian phantom.
Holofernes Meiersdorf
The "Apiarian Phantom" destroying the Meiersdorf family's hives turned out to be a lost Hound of the Wild Hunt. When fighting such a beast, one must bear in mind three things. First of all, that the thick armor of ice covering it can only be pierced by strong blows. Second, that, like any other frost-born creature, it is vulnerable to fire, the Igni Sign included. Third and last: that it shall show no mercy.
Though the Hound fought fiercely, it nevertheless fell to the witcher's blade. By killing this dangerous monster, Geralt saved the humans, halflings and, last but not least, bees of the area from further torment.

Associated Quest


  • The fight gets pretty easy by using Roach and Nekker warrior decoction (mount never panic, do 50% more damage while mounted) because of open field and the critical damage while being mounted.



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