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The Belles of Beauclair is a brothel located in the port of Beauclair, Toussaint and managed by Madame Isabelle. The brothel has three unnamed courtesans (though one will give her name if talked to) who charge 20Oren3.png per session.

Notable People[]

Associated Quest[]


  • If one talks to the courtesan hanging out in the middle section, she'll comment how cosplay costs extra, mistaking Geralt for trying to pretend to be a witcher until Geralt reveals he's an actual witcher. If asked further on this, she'll explain for some reason they'll have men come in and want her to pretend to be a succubus or siren and they a witcher and then asking for a card afterwards. This is a reference to the first game, where every time the player had sex they received a romance card.