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We are... friends of the family.
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- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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The Black Cat and Dog are two characters bound to Iris von Everec by Olgierd von Everec as pets to make her less lonely. It is unknown what both animals are exactly, possibly demons from another sphere.

Journal entry[]

Tasked with finding the violet rose Olgierd had given his wife, Geralt travelled to the von Everec family's abandoned estate, which had become home to a host of strange and horrifying creatures. Among these were a black cat and dog who, though able to speak, chose to say very little about themselves. Geralt surmised they were demons from another sphere who had been summoned by black magic, trapped in animal bodies and bound to serve Iris von Everec. The enigmatic duo trusted Geralt would help them regain their lost freedom, even though he himself had no idea how he might go about doing such a thing.
Later, when Geralt encountered Iris von Everec's memories, he learned Olgierd had summoned the otherworldly dog and cat to keep his wife company in his absence – an idea only a man with a heart of stone could have imagined working. The two creatures remained loyal to Iris even after she died and transformed into an enraged ghost, but they never loved her and felt no sympathy for her fate, for such feeling did not form a part of their nature and did not reside in even the darkest corners of their souls.
If Geralt takes the rose from Iris:
In the end the strange dog and cat regained their longed-for freedom when Iris von Everec gave Geralt the violet rose, thereby ending her existence. With their lady gone, the dog and cat's service ended, and they were free again at long last.
If Geralt leaves the rose with Iris:
In the end the strange dog and cat did not regain the freedom they craved. Geralt refused to cause Iris von Everec to cease existing, meaning these creatures would continue in her service, for such was the nature of the pact they had made with Olgierd. Perhaps they still keep their lady company in her dreams to this day – no man can know for sure.

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