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The Cauldron is an inn in Vergen. Located in the center, lowermost area of the town near a huge, steel cauldron hanging from a wooden, crane-like construction. Inn's name seems to be owed to that. Geralt is given a room on the upper floor upon his arrival in the dwarven town.


Ground floor[]

Vast and lively area, just as a tavern should be. Filled with many tables, spirits, smoke and chatter of the venerable guests, most of which are dwarves. One particular non-dwarven guest can also be found here - Dandelion, who seems not to be bothered one bit, in fact he keeps company to Zoltan and two of his friends, Sheldon and Yarpen. Even Skalen Burdon can be met here on occasion. Geralt can enjoy himself, and make a few orens on the way, with a couple of usual inn activities:

Upper floor[]

A room area, it's not really worth visiting since it is rather empty. Geralt's storage chest can be managed by the Innkeeper and room tenants spend most of their time on the floor below using their rooms only to take a nap during nighttime. There are three occupied rooms in total:

  • Geralt's room
  • Dandelion and Zoltan's room
  • Sheldon and Yarpen's room

Associated Quests[]