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The Cemetaur Contract

Cemetaurs wanted dead - our brethren must be avenged. Five complete jaws required as proof.

Vizima refugees,

presently in the swamps.


Cemetaur jaw Cemetaur jaw Cemetaur jaw Cemetaur jaw Cemetaur jaw

On his way to the Striga's crypt, Geralt meets a desperate father who is searching for news of his son. Sadly, the witcher has seen no one matching that description and can offer no news. The father does tell him about the striga's recent activities and also about what the Squirrels have been up to. Geralt then hands in his painstakingly collected cemetaur jaws and collects the advertised reward.


  • Among the refugees waiting for the jaws is the "Desperate father", who tells Geralt a tale about his own encounter with a striga.
  • To complete this quest, you must have an entry about Cemetaurs in the Bestiary.
  • If you kill the Desperate father at night (yields 6 Items Oren.png) before taking on this contract, you will have no one to give the cemetaur jaws to. The contract does not fail immediately, that happens when you reach the Epilogue.