The Cursed Chapel is a treasure hunt quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion.


Head to the Old Chapel north of Upper Mill and loot the body along the path to the back of the church to get a letter and a key. Read the document then head into the back garden area where 3 wraiths will spawn. Once dead, unlock the crypt and head down and as you near the pool here, the Cursed Mother will appear. Kill her then loot the only body down here to complete the quest.

Journal entry

Unfortunate accidents happen to even the most gods-fearing of men. This realization came to Geralt when he happened across the corpse of a priest. On the body he found a journal, and, after a moment of silence for the deceased's memory, he tucked the document into his satchel.
From the notes he learned locals were having a bit of trouble in the form of a haunted cemetery. Led by a sense of duty, Geralt decided to see what was disturbing the dead's peace and endangering the living's lives.
It turned out the crypt was haunted by a powerful ghost, an Accursed Mother. The wraith jealously guarded the treasures laid to rest with the dead and attacked all intruders. This time, however, she had met her match.


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