The Dead Have No Defense is a treasure hunt quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Head to the hidden treasure marker far south of Duén Hen (about halfway to Byways) to find a camp of several deserters. Kill them off, then loot them to find the notes and key. After reading the letter, head back inland where, if you didn't find them earlier, a few more deserters are. After they're dead, loot the chest for Ultimatum and some random loot, completing the quest.

Journal Entry

Unwary visitors to cemeteries just might find their stay prolonged indefinitely. The dead don't always like having their rest disturbed, while necrophages never like having their meals interrupted. One time, the witcher happened across just such a group of underprepared, or possibly simply unlucky, cemetery-goers. One of them had been carrying notes of some kind. Driven by curiosity and, I must surmise, a lack of anything better to do at that precise moment, Geralt set about reading the sloppily-written document...
Last week the three of us grabbed this traveler. Looked like the kind of cowardly fuck starts shitting his breeches at the first sight of you. But seems looks can be deceiving. Bastard started waving a sword, cut my ear off and sliced Olaf's arse so deep he's got an extra crack, except the new one's horizontal. Then he smacked Ivar in the forehead with the hilt. Poor sod's still dizzy.
We snuffed him in the end, of course - every fellow's doomed when he's outnumbered. But it turned out he had a handful of coins in his pouch, a copper ring on his finger - and that's it. We lost out on that robbery - paid more to the herbalist for patching up than we took from the whoreson. So afterwards Olaf said, "Why the devil risk our necks waiting around for travelers, when gold's literally sitting right under our feet - buried with the dead?" A corpse can't defend itself, so the risk of injury's nil. No need to wait around all day till someone walks by - there's already a couple dozen someone's waiting for us, lying in their graves, each one marked out like veg at a grocer's.
So I gave it a good think and concluded Olaf's talking sense. So starting tomorrow we're going to stay off the roads and do our looting in the graveyard instead.
It turned out robbing corpses was not the gold mine Olaf and his crew had imagined. The witcher, though, made a tidy profit of their "labors".


  • Read the document you found.
  • Find the treasure in the catacombs using your Witcher Senses.


  • Despite being in Velen, in the quest log this quest is labeled as being in Novigrad.
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