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The Dragon of Fyresdal is a powerful forktail living in the ruins of a destroyed assault tower near the village of its nickname. It's inaccurately referred to as a dragon on account of the villagers mistakenly believing it is one.

Bestiary Entry[]

It's got scales, wings, claws... A dragon's a dragon! No point gabbin', just go kill it!
Vagn, village elder of Fyresdal
Few truly know what a dragon looks like, for those who have seen one up-close rarely have a chance to share their impressions. That is why people are forever mistaking other monsters for dragons. This was the case in Fyresdal, where the so-called dragon wreaking havoc turned out to be a forktail.
Yet this mistaken attribution did not mean there was no reason to worry. The forktail harassing Fyresdal was a particularly vile representative of its kind, one equipped with an endless store of deadly venom. Fighting it without first drinking a regenerative potion or a poison antidote would be tantamount to suicide.
In his fight with the forktail, Geralt gave proof not only of his masterful swordsmanship, but also of a previously-undemonstrated flair for shepherdry. With a little help from a brave sheep lent by the village elder, he lured the monster into a trap - then ended its life.

Associated Quest[]