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The Ducal Chronicle, 2nd Amended Edition is a book in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Journal Entry[]

Ducal Chronicle, Tome LVI, LammasSaovine, 1268 [excerpts]
Second Edition, Amended
In the month preceding the celebrations surrounding the Festival of the Vat, the Ducal Couple and a delegation of notables embarked on a neighborly visit to the court of Queen Calanthe of Cintra. The visit had both a social and a political dimension, for the duchess was hoping Queen Calanthe would follow the dictates of international protocol and repay with a visit of her own, preferably during the above-mentioned Festival, thus gracing the celebration with her royal presence.
The ducal couple was accompanied by their daughter, Anarietta. It is worth mentioning here that the infant is sprouting like a beanpole and it shall not belong before it will be necessary to find her a husband. Time will surely add to her charms. As for character and imagination, she is not lacking either quality in the least.