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Tw3 The Gran Place by Maciej Caputa

The Gran'place is the main square of Beauclair, the capital city of Toussaint, and is located in the Hauteville district. Beauclair's main market is a hive of colors, smells, and activity as hawkers, merchants, and pickpockets all earn their coin. The duchy's branch of Cianfanelli Bank is also located here.

Tw3 The Gran Place by Maciej Caputa 2

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Toussaint's largest marketplace overflows with colorful stalls and merchants from every corner of the world. They say if you cannot find what you seek at Beauclair's market, it doesn't exist. In addition to wine of every label and vintage, here one can buy slate from Ardaiso, fleece from Toussaint merinos raised at Basane or olive oil from the groves of Dun Tynne.


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