The Heroes' Pursuits: Fyresdal is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is one of the four Heroes' Pursuits quests which involve horse racing.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest may be started at any of the horse race starts on Ard Skellig (not necessarily the one relevant to this quest), or by speaking to Svana in Larvik, on the island of Hindarsfjall.

Just south of Blandare, near Kvalheim Isle, the witcher yet again found some skelligers rearing to ride against each other in a race. Geralt either remembered his talk with the priestess, Svana, in Larvik or simply wanted to show his skill as a rider with Roach in hand to these skelligers, and so told the Race Master that he'll gladly take up as the third contestant with Bald Sigge and Fishbreath Aegir. Geralt must now cross the finish line in a race from the start line past the Palisade towards Fyresdal. If the witcher finally crosses the finish line first, the quest will end with Geralt being declared the winner and subsequently transported back to where he first talked to the Race Master.

Objectives Edit

  • Go to where the race starts.
  • Ride as fast as you can and win!

Journal entry Edit

The glory of Modron Freya knows no bounds and in Skellige everyone pays their resects to this goddess. In Fyresdal and many other, similar locales, the Great Mother was honored by holding horse races. Geralt decided to take part.
Skelligers make fine riders, but Geralt is no spring chicken himself when it comes to horse racing. Thanks to his well-honed skills, Roach's effort and the goddess' favor, the witcher triumphed.