The Heroes' Pursuits: Kaer Trolde is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is one of the four Heroes' Pursuits quests which involve horse racing.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest may be started at any of the horse race starts on Ard Skellig (not necessarily the one relevant to this quest), or by speaking to Svana in Larvik, on the island of Hindarsfjall.

When the witcher arrived in the village of Rannvaig on Ard Skellig, he found some skelligers preparing to hold a horse race by the northern road of the village. Either from remembering his talk with the priestess, Svana, in Larvik or from the happenstance of Geralt's own desire to test Roach's mettle, he decided to speak to the Race Master to join in the race. Geralt being the first outlander to join the Heroes' Pursuits surprised the Race Master but nevertheless welcomed his confidence and declared him against his opponents, Speedy Osvald and Lonelyboy Svan. Geralt must now defeat his opponents in the race from Rannvaig towards the gates to Kaer Trolde Harbor underneath the overpass to Kaer Trolde citadel. If the witcher manages to cross the finish line first, the quest will end with Geralt being transported back to Rannvaig where he first talked to the Race Master.

Journal entry Edit

Every man who wishes to take part in the final race on Hindarsfjall must first win the races organized in Kaer Trolde and Fayrlund. Whoever accomplished that could travel to the Holy Isle to face the supremely-skilled and highly-experienced riders known as Speedy Osvald and Lonelyboy Svan.
Geralt faced these swift riders and, despite the many dangers and obstacles he encountered, he was the first past the post. This surely pleased Modron Freya greatly - that is, if she even exists.

Objectives Edit

  • Go to the race's starting line.
  • Mount your horse and take your position at the starting line.
  • Be the first past the finish line.