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The History of the World (Polish: Historia świata) is a book by Roderick de Novembre. It is a monumental though somewhat vague retelling of the history of the world — from ancient times to the present day.

In 1267, it was one of the tomes that Ciri read in Ellander while she was studying with Yennefer at the Temple of Melitele.[1]

The Witcher[]

The book can be acquired as an item in The Witcher.


The History of the World
by Roderick de Novembre
"When the criminal's stake had been lit and the flames reached her, she began insulting all the knights, barons, mages and councilors gathered in the square in such foul language that they were all filled with dread. Though wet logs had been stacked to prevent the hag from burning too quickly and provide her a chance to suffer in the flames, dry wood was soon added to the fire to end the execution more swiftly.
She must truly have harbored a demon inside her as she uttered not a single scream though she sizzled fair enough. Instead, she began cursing horribly.
"An avenger shall be born from my own blood," she cried. "From the defiled Elder Blood, a destroyer of nations and worlds will rise! He shall avenge my torment! Death, death and revenge upon you and your offspring!" That was all she managed to articulate before she perished. Such was the death of Falka, her punishment for the innocent blood she had spilled."

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