The Howling is a quest in The Price of Neutrality premium module.


Substances Beast liver

On his way to Kaer Morhen, Geralt stumbles upon the encampment of Prince Merwin Ademeyn and his entourage. Most prominent in this entourage is the sorceress, Sabrina Glevissig. In getting to know the camp inhabitants and their purpose for being at Kaer Morhen, Geralt learns of Deidre, sister of Prince Merwin. He also learns that the hunting party is basically hunting Deidre.

Geralt decides to get more detailed information from Sabrina and it is in the course of this conversation that she intimates that she requires the livers of 20 wolves. Since wolves are constantly attacking the campsite, this should prove to be a trivial task.


The Liver of the Beast

Sabrina asked me to bring her 20 lupine livers. I need to go on a wolf hunt. I need to slay 20 wolves and bring Sabrina their livers.


I managed to gather many wolf livers. Sabrina should be satisfied. I should take the livers to Sabrina.


Sabrina was grateful for the wolf livers and rewarded me generously. I believe Sabrina is grateful to me.

Failed quest

It was a good day for the wolves. I won't have a chance to complete that assignment. I lost my chance to complete that assignment.


  • The Howling is a 1981 horror film featuring werewolves.
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