The Incident at White Orchard is a minor main quest that occurs at the conclusion of the quest Lilac and Gooseberries in the prologue of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Without a doubt it is the shortest quest in the game and can be finished in less than a minute.


After finishing The Beast of White Orchard, head back to the White Orchard inn to talk to Vesemir. Note that once you do, this will start a sequence of events where you will leave White Orchard and will fail many of the secondary quests in the area if you haven't finished them yet.

Once you talk to Vesemir, a cutscene occurs as the older witcher notes there are several bandits there itching for a fight, so it's time to go. However, despite trying to avoid an altercation, events play out that causes both witchers to get drawn into a fight. Kill the bandits and soon another cutscene plays out where Geralt and Vesemir are kicked out of the inn, only to be greeted by a Nilfgaardian patrol being led by the very person you've been seeking, Yennefer.

Journal Entry

Witchers should be neutral, avoid meddling in the affairs of others. But at times, it's hard to be indifferent... While searching for Yennefer, Geralt and Vesemir stopped by the tavern in the village of White Orchard. When a row erupted in the establishment soon afterwards, Vesemir decided to defend the besieged innkeep. Unfortunately, instead of calming the situation, he inflamed it. The witchers were forced to draw their steel swords. Those they use to kill humans.
They say idioms are the wisdom of nations. But the saying "With many against one, even a witcher's done" rarely proves true. Though their foes held the advantage in numbers, Geralt and Vesemir tended to them handily. Unfortunately, the innkeeper they had sought to protect hardly appreciated the gesture. Terrified at the bloody massacre, she tossed her saviors out the door.


  • Kill the bandits.
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