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The Isle of Mists is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Numerous quests, some of which involving major sub plot content, will be failed or rendered unavailable after the warning given at the beginning of the quest.

Journal entry Edit

After a long search Geralt was at last a step from his goal. Avallac'h had hid Ciri from the Hunt on the magical Isle of Mists, which could only be reached if fate deemed one worthy - or by following a magic firefly, which was decidedly the easier option. Geralt thus readied himself to sail to the isle and bring back Ciri.
Finally. After years of separation, weeks of searching, dozens of false trails and endless worry, Geralt had found Ciri. They were not given long to celebrate their reunion, however. As soon as Ciri awoke from her magic slumber the Wild Hunt picked up her trail and began to attack. Geralt and his adopted daughter thus had no choice but to use Ciri's special abilities to flee to Kaer Morhen and face their attackers there.

Objectives Edit

  • Go to Skellige.
  • Talk to friends who could help defeat the Hunt and ask them to join your fight.
  • Get on a boat.
  • Travel to the Isle of Mists.
  • Follow the firefly.
  • Check what's in the hut.
  • Look for Ferenc along the coast.
  • Look for Ivo in the cave.
  • Look for Gaspard near the lighthouse.
  • Wake Gaspard up.
  • Bring Gaspard to the hut.
  • Return to the hut.

Cutoff Point Edit

The following quests fail or become unavailable if they are not completed before entering the Isle of Mists:

Trivia Edit

  • This quest references Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In particular, Gaspard is based upon Sleepy, and another is based upon Sneezy. Ciri being trapped in coma and believed to be dead by the dwarves who have been looking after her also references the movie.

Notes Edit

  • You can encounter the dwarves during Something Ends, Something Begins in the woods directly west over the bridge from the Mill in White Orchard.
  • Regardless of the condition of the boat players use to get pass the cut-off point, it will always be in perfect shape when the game loads into the misty region.
  • Although the three missing dwarves can be found in any order, the narrative is set up for Gaspard to be the last.
  • A number of chests are scattered throughout the region (both on land and in the sea) that can be accessed for treasure. This includes a number of hollow tree stumps that contain stashed coin; these do not glow when Geralt is using his witcher senses - nor are they referenced on chest maps for the region - and are only discovered when Geralt is next to them. This is the only time in the game that this location is accessed, so finding these chests and stashes should be done before returning Gaspard to the hut.
  • After passing the "point of no return" warning, the ability to travel freely between regions will be disabled until the completion of Bald Mountain.

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