The following is a list of minor characters from The Last Wish that haven't been mentioned elsewhere or have too little information on them to have their own pages.

Abergard Edit

Abergard was the commander of the Angren Free Company. His subordinates were Nohorn and Fifteen.

Dragomir Edit

Dragomir was the 3 year old son of a Blaviken fisherman, Trigla.

Notes Edit

  • According to Sapkowski's Alphabet, Dragomir is a popular name.

Ermellia Edit

Ermellia was the wife of Hereward, and thus the Duchess of Ellander. She was said to be especially fond of Nenneke's aphrodisiacs.

Evermir Edit

Evermir was the father of Fialka, one of the girls said to be afflicted by the curse of the Black Sun.

Hrobarik Edit

Hrobarik was a prince mentioned by Geralt in his conversation with Calanthe during Pavetta's birthday celebration. The previous winter, Hrobarik had attempted to hire the witcher to find a beauty who had fled from his ball and left behind a slipper. Geralt had great difficulty convincing the prince that he needed a huntsman and not a witcher for the task.

Innkeeper (The Fox) Edit

The Innkeeper who ran the tavern in Vizima called The Fox, met Geralt when he passed through the city. A fight erupted in the tavern, and Geralt was taken off by guards.

Slow Edit

Slow was a brave farmhand who defeated a dragon without a sword.

Supree Edit

Supree was a surprise-child who freed Mad Deï from his curse.

Trigla Edit

Trigla was a Blaviken fisherman and the father of Dragomir.

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