The Natural Obscurity of Curses is a book by Lydia van Bredevoort. It is obtainable during the quest Ciri's Room in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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To my dear friends, Phillip and Anna - From Count la Guevre, Minister of Culture for the kingdom of Temeria.
Vizima, 1265
Whoever thinks curses are only ever manifestations of one being's ill will towards another is sorely mistaken. Shockingly commonplace are reports of curses cast unwittingly on oneself or on objects in one's immediate environment. The consequences of doing so can be difficult to predict. In many cases they lead to harm or even the death of the person afflicted by the cures, or of the people spending time with the object or being on which the curse fell. That is why it is so essential to take preventative measures to safeguard oneself as thoroughly as possible against the casting of curses. As an absolute minimum Madame Amelia Veracruz-Leon recommends: cleansing oneself of all negative thoughts, striving to be at one with the world and achieving harmony between body and mind.