The Path of Warriors is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest can be started 2 ways but you must complete The Tower Outta Nowheres first to even start this:

However you pick it up, go to the Trail to Yngvar's Fang to talk to Gunnar.

Reaching the start of the Trail to Yngvar's Fang northeast of Urialla Harbor, Geralt was greeted by a hooded man sitting by the Path's entrance questioning the foreign witcher's presence. If the witcher had only stumbled upon the man and had not started the quest yet, he'll introduce the Path of which Skelligers follow into grown warriors. As it was, Geralt had met Gunnar and requested to travel the Path of Warriors where Gunnar explained that the Path had only contained two offshoots that the witcher needed to complete, one into the mountain peaks and the other into the bowels of the earth. To traverse the mountain path, Geralt simply needed to go along the crest of the mountain and bring back the crimson shawl from the peak. Then for the underground path, the witcher must face a flooded cavern that only pearl divers are known to finish, where at the end, a surprise to take back awaited. If Geralt accepts the challenge, he must do as stated.

After leaping through the path, dealing with all the pesky sirens and harpies, and even chatting with an old man, Geralt finally reached Yngvar's Fang, the peak of Mount Aardeklove, and grabbed his Trial of Dexterity completion token at the totem waving the crimson shawl just by the Place of Power for Quen. (50Tw3 icon xp) Now, Geralt had only the final challenge which was to slide down the mountain and dive through a long underwater cave tunnel system. Either by sheer determination or a quick sip of the Killer Whale potion, the witcher had managed to do just that to find the last Path of Warriors completion token in a submerged chest at the end after even stumbling upon a den with a couple of gargoyles when he decided to resurface for some air midway. Geralt now finally was at the end of the tunnel and might even have met some bandits just camping out the cave exit. He now rushed back to Gunnar at his camp by the entrance again to the Trail to Yngvar's Fang knowing full well that he's proven to the skelligers that even a foreign witcher now surpassed the Trial of the Path as the first outlander to do so across the Isles. (50Tw3 icon xp) The quest ends as Geralt receives his prize of a Diagram: Assault gauntlets, Mag Deira cuirass, 5x Sewant mushrooms, 2x Hardened Leather.

Journal entry Edit

During his stay in Skellige Geralt learned of something called the Path of Warriors. This was an obstacle-strewn route locals believed each self-respecting warrior must travel. Geralt knew if he managed to traverse the infamously-difficult Path he would earn respect and recognition throughout the isles.
The witcher overcame all the obstacles along the Path and made it to the end. From then on, even the proudest Skellige warriors would treat him with respect.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to the man who oversees the Path.
  • Reach the start of the Path.
  • Collect proof you made it to the top of the peak. (50Tw3 icon xp)
  • Descend down to the cave entrance.
  • Travel through the tunnel and collect proof you made it to the end.
  • Reach the end of the tunnel.
  • Leave the caverns and talk to the man who oversees the Path. (50Tw3 icon xp)