The Soldier Statuette is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

While visiting an accountant by the name of Caesar Bilzen, Geralt snatched a soldier figurine from his host's collection. While I usually deplore such acts of petty larceny as bad manners to say the least, this time it led to quite the interesting series of events, so I am prepared to let it slide. The statuette, you see, emanated magic and our witcher sensed it might be tied to something of prime importance, so he decided to show it to Triss.
The witcher's premonition was... well, if not exactly right, still worth having followed. Triss cast a decompression spell on the figurine and it transformed into a living, breathing human. To be precise, it turned into a Nilfgaardian soldier whom the sorceress Coral had transfigured in the midst of a battle many years ago. Nothing of prime importance per se, but quite interesting nonetheless.

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