The Suffering of Young Francois is a treasure hunt quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.


To start the quest you need to find the hidden treasure located just south from Fort Astre Ruins, you will encounter a Wraith there, dispose of it and then check the hanged corpse to find the Journal of a desperate man. After reading it go to the marked location where you will encounter more Wraiths, dispose of them and then check the ground to find the spot where the loot is hidden, after claiming it the quest ends.

Journal Entry

Wandering about the primeval forest that covered the duchy's frontier, the witcher made a discovery most macabre. Deep in the forest, a small hut. Alongside the hut, a tree. Upon the tree, a hanged man. On the ground directly beneath the corpse lay a journal.
Geralt read it, and all became clear. An unhappy, unrequited love had pushed the young man to commit suicide. Ah, I know so many stories that echo this one... Yet this one differed from the others in that evil powers were involved. The journal also mentioned a stash of buried jewels. So Geralt resolved to learn more and directed his steps towards the estate the diary described.
Geralt explored the Cutterin residence and found the treasure mentioned in the journal. Content with this surprising find, he set off in search of new challenges.


  • Read the notes.
  • Find the jewels.
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