The Summit at Loc Muinne


The Summit at Loc Muinne was a meeting between delegates from Temeria, Aedirn, Redania, and Kaedwen, with delegates from Nilfgaard overseeing it. Mages from the fallen Chapter and Council of Mages also were present.


The goal of the summit was to decide the fate of Temeria after the death of king Foltest, in order to avoid all out war for control of the territory. It was also to determine whether the Conclave and Council of Mages would be reformed.


Temeria will either:

  1. Remain whole and independent with the nation united by Foltest's daughter, Anaïs under the guardianship of John Natalis.
  2. Temeria will remain whole and as a protectorate of Redania with Anaïs engage to Radovid.
  3. Temeria's territory is carved up either between Redania and Kaedwen, or torn apart by the Termerian barons.

Council and Conclave of Mages will either:

  1. Cease to reform after Shilard, with the help of Letho, reveals the Lodge's involvement with the regicides.
  2. Reform. Síle and other Lodge sorceresses will be excluded from joining.


As talks begin to break down, a dragon attacks Loc Muinne before Síle can be arrested. Geralt pursues Síle and after confronting her, he fights the dragon, defeating it before it destroys the city. While Geralt dealt with the dragon, a massacre was committed, though the degree of casualties varies on Geralt's choices.

It can be an all out slaughter with knights hunting mages and other knights of opposing nations. Or the massacre will be limited to knights attacking opposing knights, with the mages able to limit the bloodshed. After confronting Letho, Geralt leaves the Loc Muinne and the city is sealed.

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