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Toad Prince is a powerful monster in the Hearts of Stone expansion.


The Toad Prince prowling the Oxenfurt sewers was actually Prince Sirvat,[1] an heir to the Ofiri throne. He had been cursed by Olgierd von Everec out of anger when the parents of Olgierd's love, Iris, intended to give their daughter's hand in marriage to the visiting prince. The cursed being then took to living under Oxenfurt, where its venom seeped into the city's water systems, gradually making many of the townspeople sick.

Eventually, in 1272, the authorities resolved to shut down the sewers and Olgierd himself, bored of the prince's suffering, put up a contract. However, he didn't intend for anyone to actually try and lift the curse and thus kept it a secret, revealing only that it was a monster in the sewers. Geralt took the contract and, with Shani's help, tracked it down and killed it, not knowing its true nature until he landed the final blow that caused the Toad Prince to transform back into his human form just before dying.

Bestiary entry

The girl walked up to the edge of the pond. There, squatting amidst the fragrant lilies and broad lily-pads, she saw a most unusual sight: a small green frog with a golden crown perched on its warty head. Charmed by this curious little creature, the girl picked it up and gave it a kiss. Immediately the little frog transformed into a handsome prince. Overcome with gratitude, he asked the girl to be his wife.
– folk tale, author unknown
Timeless tales always carry within them a grain of truth. The legend of the frog prince is no exception, or at least that's what the folk of Oxenfurt wished to believe when they found out a monstrous toad lurked in their city sewers. The women who hunted it in search of romance and a better life, however, found their tales had a most unhappy ending. The creature they encountered was no small, sweet frog but a bloodthirsty beast, who not only did not let them in for a kiss, but instead greedily devoured them and anything else that strayed into its slime-covered lair.

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  • A frog prince is a classic fairy tale and folklore creature that will turn into prince or princess once it's kissed.




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