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== External links ==
== External links ==
* Available as part of the [[1.5 patch|The Witcher 1.5 Patch]]!
* Available as part of {{Patch|Game = 1|Patch = 1.5}}!
* [ Official site]
* [ Official site]
* [ Mod DB]
* [ Mod DB]

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Tw1 Wesele

The Wedding (Polish: Wesele) is an adventure mod produced by the modding team Ifrit for The Witcher.


Beautiful women, plenty of booze, the most delectable roast veal in all of Temeria, and all your best friends together in one place. All in all it is one of the best parties east of Lyria. And one more thing, dear Geralt, it is your wedding! Basically this is just the beginning of Ifrit's adventure, "The Wedding". You will have to play it to see what those guys have in store for you and poor Geralt! First things first, Mr. Witcher: put on this astonishingly flamboyant lace-edged shirt and have fun!



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