Disambig-icon This article is about the noonwraith near Novigrad. For the specter of Rozrog, see White Lady.

The White Lady is a special type of noonwraith in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This specter was formerly a woman named Luzi, who committed suicide after abandoning her wedding for unknown reasons. She ran into the fields west of Drahim Castle and slashed her wrists with a dagger, transforming her into a noonwraith.

Bestiary Entry

Micko and his band? Who're they?
Four lads, drunkards and good-for-nothin's, all. They'd drained a few pints and decided they'd all plough the White Lady, maybe then she'd bugger off.
– Conversation overheard in a field outside Novigrad
The apparition haunting the fields outside Novigrad turned out to be a noonwraith. Some powerful emotion must have bound it to that place - love, hate, anger or perhaps all three at once. Like every wraith of this type, she was surely capable of forming mirror images of herself, which served to mislead opponents and restore her vitality. Luckily, these mirages could be dispelled with a quick slash from a silver blade. Like any noonwraith, she would undoubtedly seek to assume immaterial form while fighting, making her almost impossible to injure - unless she is first caught in a trap laid by the Yrden Sign, or blasted with a special bomb. Once thus forced into materiality, she should be attacked with strong blows or the Igni Sign. Finally, one must always keep in mind two witcher sayings: "The longer you fight a noonwraith, the lower your chances of surviving," and "Fight a noonwraith at midday and you'll be dead before dusk."
The vengeful wraith known as the White Lady had roamed the fields for a long times, murdering anyone she came across. Though the grain hung heavy from the stalks, the frightened peasants were kept from harvesting it and thus faced famine. They gathered their last bit of savings and went in together on a bounty for a witcher. That was coin well-spent.

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