Fistfighting has changed somewhat with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, though it is still a good way to make a few extra orens.

Basics Edit

Tw2 icon fistfight

It is no longer a matter of clicking on your opponent. Now the player must keep a sharp eye out for cues as to which movement key to press as the fight progresses. The player is prompted with Tw2 control w2, Tw2 control a2, Tw2 control s2 or Tw2 control d2 and must hit the corresponding key quickly enough to land his attacks.

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Fistfighters Edit

Tw2 icon training Prologue Edit

  • Geralt gets his first chance to fistfight in the dungeon, against one of the guards tormenting him.

Tw2 icon numberone Chapter I Edit

  • the Flotsam city guard at the scaffold
  • the executioner
  • as part of One on One: Flotsam, fights run by Sheridan:
    • Stycho the Sot / Hraphner / Vimme (this fighter seems to have various names)
    • Kcorb Ransel, aka "Fliparse"
    • Tidy Tib
  • as part of Fight Club, fights run by King Ziggy:
    • Twigs
    • One-Punch Matho
    • Smugface, aka "Tassledick"
    • Zdenek

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Tw2 icon numberthree Chapter III Edit

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