There are five difficulty levels available in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings:

  • Easy – for inexperienced players. Geralt meets weaker opponents and receives less damage, while he himself deals more damage. Most battles can be won using only a sword. The most significant feature is that enemies can not block in this difficulty, and they have a harder time staggering you.
  • Normal – for experienced players. The opponents levels are normal. The gameplay is balanced. Most battles can be won using a sword and magical signs.
  • Hard – for very experienced players. Opponents deal high damage and it is harder to acquire items. Many battles require the use of a sword, magic and alchemy.
  • Dark - for veteran players. Opponents deal very high damage. There is a special chapter-specific set equipment available only in this difficulty.
  • Insane – for masochist players. Opponents deal very high damage and no saved game can be loaded if Geralt dies.
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