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This page is a list of all quest items found in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Tw2 icon training Prologue

Icon Name Related Quest(s)
Tw2 item key Gate guard's key To the Temple!
Tw2 questitem Newboystalisman Newboy's talisman Melitele's Heart
Tw2 item key Prison key The Dungeons of the La Valettes
Tw2 item key Rusty key The Dungeons of the La Valettes
Tw2 item key Upper dungeon key The Dungeons of the La Valettes

Tw2 icon numberone Chapter I

Icon Name
Tw2 questitem arrestwarrant Arrest warrant
Tw2 questitem ballistamechanismfragment Ballista mechanism fragment
Tw2 item key Bandit hideout key
Tw2 questitem loredosletter Bernard Loredo's letter
Tw2 questitem captainslog Captain's log
Tw2 questitem dmitrisletter Captain's report
Tw2 item diagram Diagram: Witcher's silver sword
Tw2 questitem dmitrisletter Dmitri's letter of safe passage
Tw2 questitem hospitalfiles False recipe
Tw2 questitem finelyscribblednotes Finely scribbled notes
Tw2 ingredient greenmold Green mold
Tw2 questitem pigheartandeyes Heart and eyes of a pig
Tw2 questitem hospitalfiles Hospital files I
Tw2 questitem hospitalfiles Hospital files II
Tw2 questitem hospitalfiles Hospital files III
Tw2 questitem hospitalfiles Hospital files IV
Tw2 questitem hospitalrecords Hospital records
Tw2 ingredient ironframe Iron frame
Tw2 item key Key of the Petra Silie's captain
Tw2 questitem mersesreport Louis Merse's report
Tw2 questitem margotsletter Margot's farewell letter
Tw2 questitem margotsletter Margot's letter to Iorveth
Tw2 questitem margotsnotes Margot's notes
Tw2 item key Marietta's key
Tw2 questitem medication Medication for Gridley
Tw2 questitem medicalnotes Medical notes on patient 15
Tw2 questitem Newboystalisman Melitele's Heart
Tw2 questitem nekkerheart Nekker hearts
Tw2 ingredient nekkereyes Nekker eyes
Tw2 questitem ostmurk Ostmurk
Tw2 ingredient queenendregaspheromones Queen endrega's pheromones
Tw2 questitem realformula Real formula
Tw2 questitem reportforthaler Report for Thaler
Tw2 item key Royal Mail key
Tw2 item key Storage key
Tw2 questitem stuffedtrollhead Stuffed troll head
Tw2 item key Ves's key
Tw2 questitem warriornekkerblood Warrior nekker blood
Tw2 ingredient whitemyrtlepetals White myrtle petals
Tw2 ingredient wolfaloeleaves Wolf's aloe leaves

Tw2 icon numbertwo Chapter II

Icon Name
Tw2 questitem reportforthaler A Hog Named Henselt
Tw2 item diagram Ambassador Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen's first letter to the Emperor
Tw2 questitem balinsmap Balin's first map
Tw2 item diagram Balin's journal I
Tw2 item diagram Balin's journal II
Tw2 item diagram Balin's journal III
Tw2 questitem runesbook Balin's journal IV
Tw2 questitem balinsmap Balin's second map
Tw2 questitem balinsmap Balin's third map
Tw2 questitem baltimoresdirections Baltimore's directions
Tw2 questitem baltimoresdream Baltimore's dream
Tw2 item key Baltimore's key
Tw2 questitem Baltimoresnotes Baltimore's notes
Tw2 questitem beavercap Beaver cap
Tw2 item key Catacomb key
Tw2 item key Cecil Burdon's runic key
Tw2 questitem balinsmap Cecil's map
Tw2 questitem commanderssword Commander's sword
Tw2 item key Conspirators' hideout key
Tw2 questitem dandelionssketchbook Dandelion's poetry sketchbook
Tw2 questitem silesamulet De Tansarville's protective amulet
Tw2 questitem dethmoldsgrimoire Dethmold's grimoire
Tw2 questitem dragonsdream Dragon's dream
Tw2 questitem dunbannercloak Dun Banner cloak
Tw2 ingredient immortelle Dwarven immortelle
Tw2 questitem emissaryflag An emissary's flag
Tw2 ingredient harpyfeathers Harpy feathers
Tw2 questitem sabrinasspear Head of the spear that pierced Sabrina
Tw2 questitem iorvethsdream Iorveth's dream
Tw2 questitem eylatarnjournal Journal from the Eyla Tarn
Tw2 item key Key to the Tunnel of the Founders
Tw2 questitem lethosdream Letho's dream
Tw2 item diagram Letter with a soldier's supplication
Tw2 item key Lower shaft key
Tw2 questitem malgetsnotes Malget's notes
Tw2 questitem magicalcrystal Magical crystal
Tw2 questitem magicalpowder Magical powder
Tw2 questitem medallion Medallion
Tw2 questitem metalfragment Metal fragment
Tw2 item key Middle shaft key
Tw2 questitem nailrelic Nail-relic
Tw2 questitem reportforthaler Olcan's notes
Tw2 questitem olcansreceipt Olcan's receipt
Tw2 questitem peasantsdream Peasant's dream
Tw2 questitem philippasmedallion Philippa Eilhart's medallion
Tw2 questitem roseofremembrance Rose of remembrance
Tw2 questitem royalblood Royal blood
Tw2 item key Runic key
Tw2 armor seltkirk Seltkirk's armor
Tw2 item diagram Serrit's notes
Tw2 questitem hospitalfiles Soldiers' note to Visionary
Tw2 questitem greenbook Song of the Hunt
Tw2 questitem squarecoin Square coin
Tw2 questitem standard Standard
Tw2 item key Storehouse key
Tw2 questitem strangefigurine Strange figurine
Tw2 questitem surgicaltools Surgical tools
Tw2 item key Thorak's key
Tw2 questitem trissbandana Triss' bandana
Tw2 questitem trollhorn Troll horn
Tw2 item key Upper shaft key
Tw2 questitem greenbook Venoms and Poisons
Tw2 item key Vergen key
Tw2 questitem hospitalfiles The Visionary's notes I
Tw2 questitem eylatarnjournal The Visionary's notes II
Tw2 questitem margotsnotes The Visionary's notes III
Tw2 questitem visionaryspotion Visionary's potion
Tw2 questitem wildhuntbook The Wild Hunt
Tw2 questitem wildhuntinvestigatorsnotes Wild Hunt investigator's notes

Tw2 icon numberthree Chapter III

Icon Name
Tw2 item diagram Ambassador Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen's second letter to the Emperor
Tw2 item diagram Ambassador Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen's third letter to the Emperor
Tw2 item anabolicsteroids Anabolic steroids
Tw2 questitem ancientmanuscript Ancient manuscript
Tw2 ingredient bullvorebrain Bullvore brain
Tw2 item key Dethmold's safe key
Tw2 ingredient harpyegg Harpy egg
Tw2 weapon operatorsstaff Operator's staff
Tw2 questitem philippasdagger Philippa Eilhart's dagger
Tw2 item diagram Renuald aep Matsen's letter
Tw2 ingredient rotfiendtongue Rotfiend tongue
Tw2 questitem runesbook The Runes of Power I
Tw2 questitem runesbook The Runes of Power II
Tw2 questitem runesbook The Runes of Power III
Tw2 questitem runesbook The Runes of Power IV
Tw2 questitem runesbook Dorian's Diary
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