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The purpose of a witcher is to slay monsters, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will include a wide variety of monster-hunting quests for Geralt to complete. Monster hunting requires both a keen eye and combat stamina. Small and large creatures inhabit the open world, and Geralt must utilize all of his skills to track and dispatch them.

Learn to stalk and kill your prey in our Guide to Monster Hunting.

General Info[]

Monster-hunting quests will be a part of the main story, as well as optional contracts. Geralt can accept these quests from citizens throughout the world and via notice boards that can be found throughout various towns. Contracts will reward Geralt with a variety of rewards.

The environments of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are completely open-world, and Geralt has the ability to traverse the map in near-entirety from the start of the game. Players will need to keep an eye out on the strength of monsters, as their strength does not scale to player level. Wandering into the wrong area too early in the game can result in a quick death from powerful creatures.

The best method for tracking creatures is by word of mouth and utilizing Geralt's Witcher Sense. Conversing with passersby who witnessed monster attacks can be a great way of figuring out where to look next. Geralt's Witcher Sense allows him to hone his senses and find trails. Whether it's the blood trail or the scent of a monster, the Witcher sense provides a clear visual path for Geralt to follow.

Knowing your enemy is also the key to killing your enemy. The in-game Bestiary is a great way to read up on the traits of several monsters. Occasionally, Geralt will already know in-depth details about the monster he's tracking. Other times you'll need to discover information by other means, whether by conversation or books. It's absolutely vital to discover which potions to brew, which oils to apply, and which weapons are the most effective against your enemies.

Finally, the most important step is dispatching the monster itself. Sometimes you'll need to chase the creature down, especially if it's a flying type such as a drake or a griffin. Direct confrontation can be a challenge, but learning attack patterns and proper spacing on monsters is key. Knowing when to attack up close or from range is also important.

After killing the beasts, be sure to properly loot the creature for any monster parts, and to return to the source of the contract or quest to be properly rewarded for your trouble.