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A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, or video game. The term draws a parallel with the custom of the Easter egg hunt.

This article catalogues Easter eggs and pop culture references in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For easier viewing, this page has been broken up into sub-pages based on the topic.

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Johannes VermeerEdit

  • During the quest Open Sesame! the painting titled 'The Spice Merchant' by 'Van der Knoob' is sold. The painting a reference to the Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer.

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Ron Mueck Edit

  • If Sarah and Johnny meet, the special cutscene of them shows Johnny closely resembling Mueck's sculpture, Boy.

Sandro Botticelli Edit

  • In Hearts of Stone expansion, when Geralt first meets Olgierd von Everec, the latter is looking at a statue and states "I used to like Votticelli", a reference to Botticelli.

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