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Just like in the previous two games, you are a witcher and the customary job of a witcher is to track and slay monsters in return for pay. While your search for Ciri takes precedence over everything else, you may find time to undertake some paid side missions, known as contracts, that benefit the local populace and fatten your purse as well.

Contracts are optional quests Geralt can choose to complete and can be found by reading the appropriate notice board posting, or stumbling upon the contract giver or the monster that is to be slain. There are 26 witcher contracts in total in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The monsters encountered during the contracts will be tougher versions of those Geralt may meet along his travels elsewhere. They will be susceptible to the same oils, potions, bombs and signs as their lesser forms but be sure to check the level associated with the contract quest to ensure you are ready to meet the challenge. A quick study of a creature's weaknesses in the bestiary will be helpful in preparing to take down your foe.

For more information on the various quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, see the following:

COA White Orchard Tw3.png White Orchard[]

Quest Name Unmarked Cutoff Point Level Location(s) Enemies
Contract: Devil by the Well No On Thin Ice 2 Abandoned Village Devil by the Well

COA Velen Tw3.png Velen[]

Quest Name Unmarked Cutoff Point Level Location(s) Enemies
Contract: Jenny o' the Woods No n/a 10 Midcopse Jenny o' the Woods
Contract: Missing Brother No n/a 33 Southwest of the Border Post Endrega workers
Contract: Mysterious Tracks No n/a 20 Lindenvale Howler
Contract: Patrol Gone Missing No n/a 7 East of Crossroads Wyvern
Wolves (optional)
Nekkers (optional)
Nekker warrior (optional)
Bandits (optional)
Contract: Phantom of the Trade Route No n/a 23 North of Benek Wyverns
Royal wyvern
Contract: Shrieker No n/a 8 Burned Ruins Shrieker
Contract: Swamp Thing No n/a 12 Crookback Bog Drowners (optional)
Foglets (optional)
Ignis Fatuus
Contract: The Beast of Honorton No n/a 25 Honorton Alghouls
Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands No n/a 24 North of Crow's Perch Rock trolls
Contract: The Merry Widow No n/a 10 Lindenvale Mourntart
Rabid dogs (optional)
Contract: The Mystery of the Byways Murders No n/a 22 Byways Ghouls
Sarasti (optional)
Contract: Woodland Beast No n/a 6 Bandit camp northwest of Inn at the Crossroads Alghouls
Scoia'tael (optional)
Vernossiel (optional)

COA Novigrad Tw3.png Novigrad[]

Quest Name Unmarked Cutoff Point Level Location(s) Enemies
Contract: An Elusive Thief No n/a 13 The Bits
Imp (optional)
Contract: Deadly Delights No n/a 15 Harborside
Crippled Kate's
Salma (optional)
Contract: Doors Slamming Shut No n/a 24 Moldavie Residence Therazane
Contract: Lord of the Wood No n/a 25 Loggers' Hut
Hotsch Woods
Wolves (dependent)
Contract: The Apiarian Phantom No n/a 14 Honeyfill Meadworks The Apiarian Phantom
Drowners (optional)
Drowned dead (optional)
Contract: The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest No n/a 35 Camp east-southeast of the Herbalist's Hut Opinicus
Wolves (optional)
Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk No n/a 26 Oxenfurt Gael
Contract: The White Lady No n/a 16 Farcorners
Drahim Castle
The White Lady

COA Skellige Tw3.png Skellige[]

Quest Name Unmarked Cutoff Point Level Location(s) Enemies
Contract: Dragon No n/a 28 Fyresdal The Dragon of Fyresdal
Contract: Here Comes the Groom No n/a 19 Cave south of Old Watchtower Drowners
Contract: Missing Miners No n/a 27 Blandare Wham-a-Wham
Contract: Missing Son No n/a 29 Rannvaig
Kaer Nyssen
Contract: Muire D'yaeblen No n/a 18 Kaer Trolde Drowners
Drowned dead
Contract: Skellige's Most Wanted No n/a 29 Fyresdal Endregas
Endrega workers
Doppler (optional)
Ice troll (optional)
Contract: Strange Beast No n/a 16 Larvik Nekkers
Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg No n/a 17 Eldberg Lighthouse Wraiths
Kori (dependent)
Kraki (dependent)
In the Heart of the Woods No n/a 22 Fayrlund Wolves
Warriors (optional)
Sven (optional)
Woodland Spirit (optional)