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Throughout the development of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, various parts of the game were removed, some early on and some so late into development that their files were not pulled from the final game. This page is to help list all such material.


Image Name Description
Tw3 bear pheromones
Bear pheromones This was meant as a potion to prevent bears from attacking.
Tw3 bell pepper
Bell pepper This was most likely meant as a quest item as it was never implemented in game, and probably for the deleted scene during Va Fail, Elaine, where Yennefer asks Geralt or Vesemir to cook for her. If she asked Geralt, she'll mention "pepper" as an ingredient in an omelette and if successful, he'll produce an omelette that has red food in it, most likely a bell pepper.
Tw3 potions de vries extract
De Vries' extract There isn't much on file about this. As De Vries' Extract was a potion in the first game, it's possible this was meant to have a similar effect to allow Geralt to spot concealed enemies.
None Doppler Chappelle gwent card Was to be a neutral card.
None Henselt gwent card Was to be part of the Northern Realms deck and had concept art.
Tw3 decoction green
Mutagen liquid There is no mention of what these were meant for. As there is also an "empty" version, it's possible they had something to do with collecting mutagens or were in place before mutagens were decided on by the development team.
Tw3 decoction amber
Mutagen liquid red
Tw3 decoction blue
Mutagen liquid blue
Tw3 decoction purple
Mutagen liquid neutral
Tw3 mutagen liquid empty
Tw3 mutagen potion empty1
Mutagen liquid empty Both of these icons were labeled empty, and possibly meant as a stand-in empty mutagen bottle.
Tw3 mutagen potion empty2
Mutagen potion empty This one is very similar to the above, but was labeled slightly different. It was possibly meant to act like the others or as a stand-in for empty potion bottles.
Tw3 nekker pheromones
Nekker pheromones This was meant as a potion to prevent nekkers from attacking.
Tw3 cardart northernrealms witch hunter
Witch hunter gwent card This was supposed to be a Gwent card and part of the Northern Realms deck.
Tw3 yennefers omelette
Yennefer's omelette This was supposed to be part of the deleted scene during Va Fail, Elaine, where Yennefer asks Geralt or Vesemir to cook for her, like the bell pepper. If Geralt cooks for Yennefer, he'll successfully produce an omelette.


Name Description
False Ciri She was going to appear in the Skellige Isles under another name - "Becca". It's not clear if that was her real name or an alias. The codename Becca was later used for Cerys.
Folmar According to a notice titled Announcement: Faroe Boat Races, he was meant to be a boat racing organizer on Faroe.
Hector Krafft Ebbing A main character that was supposed to be one of, if not the main anthologists of the cut plague questline.
Hvitr A child with minor mental disabilities. He was originally going to make an appearance in a deleted Skellige main quest called Thralls.
Inquisitor He was likely later changed to Graden. He was a witch hunter who was supposed to appear in Velen. At at the end of his quest, you could chose if he lived or died.
Iorveth A main character from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, he was supposed to appear in a massive questline that centered around the Nifgaardian war effort and an outbreak of the Catriona plague. He would have been part of an uneasy alliance with Roche, Ves and Thaler. This questline was cut late into development.
Iver According to a notice titled Announcement: Kaer Trolde Boat Races, he was meant to be a boat racing organizer in Kaer Trolde.
Vincent Meis He was also involved in the plague questline, but was cut early into production.


Quest name: Missing Son
Location: White Orchard
Geralt was supposed to run into a woman looking for her son on the battlefield. If he chose to help her, she'd try to look for a shield with a specific design, but none of the bodies match. Necrophages attack and her dog suddenly appears. Afterwards, the dog suddenly runs off into the woods and she asks Geralt to get her dog back as he's all she has left. Geralt follows the dog to find a boy's corpse with a Temerian arrow in his back, leading to the conclusion he probably tried to desert and was killed by one of his own. Geralt can then tell the woman this or say the dog chased after a hare.

Most likely this quest was replaced with Missing in Action.

Quest name: No Man's Land
Location: White Orchard
Geralt is asked by a farmer named Todd to clear a field of necrophages and their nest and, once done, Todd will meet him near the field. Once the field is cleared, a different farmer named Dobb thanks him and offers a reward. Geralt can accept the reward or ask about his identity. If pressed, Geralt can choose again to accept or refuse. If he refuses, the farmer runs off. Returning to the original farmer, Todd asks what Dobb wanted and Geralt can tell him or wave it off.

Todd then talks some about the reward, stating that under the new Nilfgaardian rule, its possible for farmers to lose their land to another if other farmers pay for the work done on the land if it's beneficial. Geralt can then either confess if he took the payment, lie if he did, or tell Todd he didn't take it.

Afterwards, if Geralt lied, Dobb's body can be found later in the field near a nest and Todd has disappeared. If Geralt confessed, Todd can be found drinking in a tavern and may lead to a fistfight with Geralt. If Geralt refused Dobb's payment, he'll run into him instead in the tavern.

Quest name: Freshwater
Location: White Orchard
Geralt can explore a fisherman's hut by a small pond. Just then he hears the sounds of a panicked young man who runs into the house and asks what Geralt is doing there. Geralt asks instead what has him spooked and the man says something about a woman coming for him. Geralt heads outside to find a noonwraith. The man then states that the water supply has become polluted by all the fighting and the Nilfgaardians are giving a reward for new sources of water and he remembered the well surrounded by abandoned huts. However, when he got there, the noonwraith appeared.

Geralt can then head out to the well and she'll appear and Geralt can drive her off for a time. Looking into the well, he sees a corpse hanging by a noose, most likely the source of the noonwraith. After fetching the skeleton out, which also had a silver bracelet with a name on it, Geralt buries the remains nearby, but it won't banish her completely. To do so, he needs to find someone who remembers the woman when she was alive.

The fisherman will point Geralt to ask around the village about the bracelet and the innkeeper there will mention the bracelet is very similar to the herbalist's. The herbalist immediately recognizes it, saying it belonged to her twin sister who disappeared years ago and Geralt will tell her where he found it and how her spirit still roams the area. The herbalist thanks him and that she'll visit the grave soon.

After a day, a wreath of immortelles will appear on the grave, allowing the village to use the well and affecting their overall health. If Geralt failed to dispel the noonwraith, the fisherman can later be found dead in his house.

Most likely this quest was replaced with Contract: Devil by the Well.

Quest name: A Friendly Freak
Location: White Orchard
When traveling through the village, some children will start calling Geralt names, like freak and weirdo. Geralt can confront them about their bigotry and they quickly come around and ask if that's a real crossbow and if it's true he has quick reflexes. They'll then ask Geralt to meet them at a specific spot, to which Geralt could agree or not.

If agreed, Geralt can meet the boys at a "secret boys club", a treehouse with some target dummies and some games set up for Geralt. For the crossbow, they'll throw things in the air for Geralt to shoot in midair. Once Geralt hits all targets, they kids will give a reward and admire Geralt's skills. For Geralt's signs, they'll give him multiple things to do with each sign, like Igni on the dummies and Axii on one of the boys. If the player was to try to use Aard or Igni on the boys, the quest would fail and the boys would run off crying.

One of the boys would then ask if he could become a witcher. Geralt can either tell him to reconsider as most initiates die horribly, making the boy cry, or tell him to wait until he's older.

Afterwards, Geralt could then be rewarded with something to give later to Uma, a bag of cookies, or something they found on the battlefield.

Additional ideas included one of the fathers showing up during the games and making racist remarks before sending the boys home so he could take care of Geralt, the boys having an actual problem they needed help with, or monsters attacking during Geralt's demonstrations.
Quest name: Until Death Do...
Location: White Orchard
Two fresh corpses are found on a romantic spot overlooking the village with some orens on the ground and empty bottles nearby. Geralt can conclude the couple, Magda and Alphonse, died from a poison and realizes they were married to different people. In each of their hands is a note, most likely from their significant others, bearing them ill-will.

Geralt can also start this quest in the village after finding the missing persons posters and seeking out a lone man and a lone woman. Both are very unfriendly and direct, stating their worst halves went missing, having fled the war and taking their savings with them and both need them back. They will give some vague clues on possible areas to find them. At the spot, Geralt can find a couple pouches of coin below the overlook with IOUs from the runaway couple. On returning to the spouses, they will give a measly reward. Later on, Geralt can find the surly man and woman dating each other.

Quest name: The Thing in the Attic
Location: White Orchard
A sorcerer, dubbed Mr. B, used artefact compression on a rival sorcerer (Mr. A) so he could steal and take credit for Mr. A's life work. He brought along the statuette and Mr. A's notes to the final research site in White Orchard but got incredibly drunk at the tavern and left the items behind and they ended up in the lost and found chest. After sobering up, he decided he could finish the research himself without the notes, but he couldn't and ended up dying at the research site.

Geralt can come across the statuette and notes and following the clues, is led to one of the most powerful intersections in Temeria.The magic is so powerful here that it's fatal if Geralt doesn't take the right precautions. To successfully enter the cave, Geralt must herd nearby cats (they're drawn to magical places like intersections) into the cave to absorb some of the magic, allowing Geralt to safely enter and explore. He can find the corpse of Mr. B, who found the power he was looking for but died before he could make it out. Geralt can then take the statuette to Triss who will undo the artefact compression. Mr. A has long since forgotten everything and Triss gets him on the first boat to Kovir.

Quest name: Swamplands
Location: White Orchard
This one has differing paths. Geralt can either come across a group of Nilfgaardians in a swamp as they fight some drowners and, after helping them, offer his expertise, stating some nests must be around OR Geralt can find some Temerian insurgents near a nest and, on seeing Geralt, ask for his help. They're trying to open an old tunnel into a nearby keep so drowners will wander in and kill the Nilfgaardians there.

If Geralt helped the Temerians and didn't destroy the nest, nekkers (notes changed it to nekkers from drowners) will make their way in but end up killing Temerian POWs, not Nilfgaardians. If Geralt destroyed the nest, the Temerians will enter themselves but end up getting killed by the Nilfgaardians.

If Geralt helped the Nilfgaardians but didn't destroy all the nests, Nilfgaardian presence will increase in the swamps and the Temerian insurgents are found and killed. If Geralt destroyed all the nests, the Temerian insurgents go home.
Quest name: It's a Setup
Location: White Orchard
Geralt can examine the cart after the griffin attacked it to find a griffin lure attached to an arrow, indicating someone knew of the griffin and purposely shot the lure at the cart to have it attacked. On talking to the merchant in the tavern, he'll explain he heard a thunk as he was crossing the ford area but thought it was an underwater rock. Back at the ford crossing, Geralt can find evidence that leads him to a small hunter's camp. The hunter confesses he did it because the trader was a traitor to the Nilfgaardian regime and Geralt can punish him or let him go. Geralt can then return to the trader and let him know what happened or not.
Quest name: Whispers Under the Bridge
Location: White Orchard
The locals are reporting strange whispers and sounds at night from the bridge and if Geralt investigates during the right time, a water hag appears who actually wants to talk to Geralt. She asks him to bring her husband there as he cheated on her 10 years ago but when she was on her way to confront him and his lover, she was dragged into the water by drowners. Geralt can agree or decline. If he declines, a fight will ensue, leading to her and her drowners' deaths.

If Geralt agrees, she explains the man struggled with impotence and to use that to lure him out to pick some herbs near the bridge. On finding the man, Geralt learns his wife actually died 5 years ago and is buried in the nearby church's graveyard. Now who does Geralt believe? If Geralt brings the man to the bridge, the water hag and drowners will drag him into the water and disappear from the area.

The truth is that the water hag was actually the woman the man was cheating with and his real wife never knew and died 5 years after his lover's death.
Quest name: The Edge of Acting
Location: Novigrad

One of Dandelion's ballads, The Edge of the World, is being turned into a play in Novigrad and Dandelion is very involved in its production along with an unnamed Director. Unfortunately he's having problems with an actor who was to play a sylvan named Torque so he asks Geralt for help to find the actor. After looking for the actor, Geralt can only report on his death. As Dandelion and the Director frantically try to find a solution, Geralt interjects, thinking he could play himself in the play. Unfortunately, neither likes this idea as it'd be too ordinary and the actor to play Geralt wouldn't be happy, so they want him play the role of the sylvan instead and Geralt can choose to accept the payment or not.

If agreed, Geralt will then take part in the play and can answer with the correct lines or not. If he succeeds, Geralt is either given a monetary reward or optionally something like an Oscar (a golden trophy for great actors). This trophy would have only been for looks. If Geralt fails, the audience will boo and Dandelion will admit it was a bad idea to use Geralt but was still funny to see it.


  1. Likely later changed to Sylvan.


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