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This page covers the decisions you have to make during The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the way they impact the main story.

Transition from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Prior to starting a new game, one must make a decision of whether or not to simulate a Witcher 2 save, or to import their own.

The following choices from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings have some effect on the events of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Simulating a save

Choosing to simulate a Witcher 2 save will allow you to manually input the choices made in the previous game via a conversation with Morvran Voorhis during the main quest Imperial Audience.

Choosing not to simulate a Witcher 2 save will apply a specific set of choices, as set by the game's developers. These are as follows:

  • Spared Aryan La Valette
  • Sided with Vernon Roche
  • Saved Anaïs in Loc Muinne (given to Natalis)
  • Left Síle de Tansarville to die
  • Killed Letho

Importing a save

There is a separate option to import a Witcher 2 save during game set-up, which is located below the "on" and "off" options for simulating a save. Choosing to import will display a list of The Witcher 2 saves that are stored on your device. Selecting one will carry over the choices made in that saved game to The Witcher 3. Note that the list of saves may not necessarily be in chronological order, therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the correct save is selected, so that all the desired choices are carried over. Saves which are "incomplete" will carry over all the choices made thus far in that game, however, the remaining ones will be completed as described above.

Importing a save does not differ greatly from simulating one, except that an import bypasses the conversation of the previous game's events with Morvran Voorhis. Furthermore, simulating a save does not carry over cosmetic changes, such as the Blue Stripes neck tattoo which may be obtained in The Witcher 2, whereas importing does.

Aryan La Valette

Geralt's decision regarding the fate of Aryan La Valette affects a portion of the Broken Flowers main quest. The consequences of this decision are described below:

If Aryan was spared: When Geralt approaches the la Valettes' villa, he encounters Morvran Voorhis and Mary Louisa as they are exiting. Mary Louisa greets the witcher and the two have a pleasant chat after which Mary Louisa invites Geralt to join her and Morvran at the races at the Vegelbud estate, as Molly, the chambermaid whom Geralt wishes to speak to, is currently there.

If Aryan was killed: When Geralt approaches the la Valettes' villa, Mary Louisa recognizes him as the one who murdered her son. She retreats back to the house, having lost her desire to go to the races. After Geralt's question about Molly, Morvran invites Geralt to the races, but comments that his information regarding Molly is out of date. After Aryan's death, his nephew came to the house to pay his respects, and fell in love with Molly. The two later married, and Molly was made Lady l'Attard. Furthermore, Aryan's nephew and his wife are to inherit the la Valettes' estate which would have otherwise passed to Aryan had he not been killed.

Siding with Vernon Roche or Iorveth

Geralt's choice of whether to side with Roche or Iorveth in The Witcher 2 affects how Roche greets him when they first cross paths in The Witcher 3.

If Geralt sided with Roche: When Geralt is at the entrance to the Temerian Partisan Hideout and tries to negotiate his entry with a guard, Roche declares that Geralt is an old friend of his and allows the witcher to enter the camp.

If Geralt sided with Iorveth: At the entrance to the Temerian Partisan Hideout, Geralt will not get assistance from Roche and has to convince the guard to let him in himself.


The decision of whether to save Triss from the Nilfgaardians in The Witcher 2 determines the existence of the Council and Conclave, and that of its members.

If Geralt saved Triss in Loc Muinne: Next to king Radovid's ship in Oxenfurt, the HMS Oxenfurt-Tretogor, the mage Carduin - a leading member of the Council and Conclave - is available for a conversation with Geralt.

If Geralt did not save Triss in Loc Muinne: The Nilfgaardian delegation holding Triss captive were able to attend the summit of Loc Muinne and reveal the Lodge of Sorceresses' role in the regicides, thus sparking a witch hunt and preventing the re-establishment of the Council and Conclave. As a result, Carduin will not appear in The Witcher 3.

Síle de Tansarville

Geralt's decision regarding Síle's fate may affect a part of The Great Escape quest.

If Geralt saved Síle from the malfunctioning megascope: When Geralt and Yennefer break into Deireadh prison to free Margarita Laux-Antille, they encounter a dishevelled and dying Síle in Margarita's cell. Yennefer is able to teleport only herself and one other person, while Síle is too frail to go anywhere on her own, and simply resigns and accepts her fate that she will die in the cell.

If Geralt did not save Síle: Síle was torn apart by the malfunctioning megascope and thus does not appear in The Witcher 3.


If Letho was spared: A secondary quest titled Ghosts of the Past becomes available in which Geralt reunites with Letho, and the two witchers go off to punish some traitors.

If Letho was killed: Letho does not appear in The Witcher 3.


The prologue encompasses all of White Orchard. There are no quests here that have an effect on the main story.

Act I

This act begins when Geralt first arrives in Velen, at the Hanged Man's Tree.

The Bloody Baron's men

Decision: When first arriving at the Inn at the Crossroads in Velen, the Bloody Baron's men come in and Geralt can decide whether to fight them or not.

Fight the baron's men: Fighting the men will result in Geralt being turned away from the Baron's estate and he will have to find an alternate route into the fortress.

Don't fight the baron's men: If Geralt chooses to be upfront and honest and not secretive, or he chooses to buy them drinks, he leaves things peacefully and can get to the Baron's fortress through the front gate.

Anabelle's cursed spirit

Decision: during A Towerful of Mice, bring Anabelle's bones to Graham or bring Graham to her.

Refuse Anabelle's request: If Geralt thoroughly investigates the tower, using the lamp, he can refuse Anabelle's request. If Geralt refuses to bring Anabelle's bones to Graham, she asks Geralt to bring Graham to her. But she already doesn't trust Geralt, and reveals herself as a Plague maiden and attacks him. Geralt is able to fight her, but she can't die until the curse is broken. Keira Metz advises Geralt to see Graham about lifting the curse. Geralt goes to Graham and informs him of the curse and Anabelle becoming a Pesta, and that her forgiving Graham can break the curse, but he needs to be there to prove his love to her.

They go to the island where they are attacked by wraiths of the victims of the curse, blaming Graham for their misery. They make it to the top of the tower, where the pesta awaits. Graham explains he didn't mean to leave her and that he still loves her, so she asks him to prove it by kissing her. Graham kisses her and, as she returns to human form, dies, reuniting them in death and lifting the curse.

Bringing the Bones to Graham: Once Geralt acquires the bones, he takes them to the fisherman, Graham. Graham admits his role in allowing the peasants access to the island leading to the massacre, and not knowing his love was still alive when she drank the potion. Geralt gives her bones to Graham to bury and leaves. However, before he gets far, Geralt hears a scream from Graham's cabin, and finds him dead, surrounded by rats with his Anabelle floating over him in her true appearance as a pesta. Now that the bones are off the island, the curse is broken, but now Anabelle is free to roam the world to spread plague and she will almost ruin Kerack.

Keira's storyline

Decision: Let Keira go to Radovid, send Keira to Kaer Morhen, kill Keira, or don't complete her quests.

This decision presents itself in the quest For the Advancement of Learning, the final quest of Keira Metz's quest line. Following Geralt and Keira's soirée, Keira leaves Geralt and travels to Fyke Isle, having extracted the information that Geralt has not destroyed the laboratory in the tower there. Geralt goes after Keira and confronts her as she emerges from the tower with the mage Alexander's notes in hand. This decision is not presented in a clear-cut manner, but rather the outcome of the ensuing conversation between the two characters determines Keira's fate. The possible consequences are outlined below:

Keira dies, then and there: Occurs from any sequence of choices that ends with a hostile or insulting remark, such as "Can't let you do that." or "I don't like two-faced serpents." Attempting to take Keira's notes without sending her to Kaer Morhen triggers this outcome. Choices such as "Can't believe we fucked." may lock out the Kaer Morhen option before presenting the choice of whether to let Keira go, or to prevent her from leaving with the notes. Geralt fights and defeats Keira near the tower on Fyke Isle, thus ending the quest, and the sorceress' life.

Keira goes to Radovid: Occurs from any sequence of choices that ends with "Do what you want." or "Do what you think is right" or "Farewell". These will usually be denoted by the dialogue exit icon. Later, Geralt finds out from Triss that Radovid ordered Keira to be captured and then impaled. This triggers the quest A Final Kindness which is otherwise unavailable.

Keira goes to Kaer Morhen: Any sequence of choices that ends with "Go to Kaer Morhen." will send Keira to the witchers' keep. To reach this dialogue option, one must be diplomatic, without exiting dialogue and letting Keira go to Radovid, and without being imposing and preventing Keira from making her own decision by trying to take her notes by force. Insulting replies will also lock out this outcome. At Kaer Morhen, Keira saves Lambert from being killed in The Battle of Kaer Morhen quest. It is worth noting that taking the notes from Keira after making the choice to send her to Kaer Morhen, is of no consequence. Also, it is still possible to save Lambert during the battle even if Keira is not present, though Keira's presence guarantees Lambert's survival.

Don't do all of Keira's quests: If all of Keira's quests are not completed, Geralt will not have the chance to influence her decision, and she will go to Radovid by default.

The Whispering Hillock's spirit

Decision: Kill the spirit, free the spirit after talking to the Ealdorman, or free the spirit before talking to the Ealdorman. (the latter was once considered by many to be a bug but was confirmed by CD PROJEKT RED to be an intended consequence).

Spirit dies: If Geralt kills the spirit (whether through direct fighting or tricking it), the village of Downwarren is safe. The orphans in the bog, however, are taken by the Crones, most likely to be eaten. Anna goes crazy over the loss, but survives, and her husband takes her away from the bog to seek help from far away.

Spirit is freed after talking to the Ealdorman: If the spirit is freed, it saves the children from the Crones, who are eventually placed in the care of Marabella in Novigrad. However, the spirit attacks Downwarren, killing most of the villagers. The Crones punish Anna for losing the children and curse her as a Water hag. When Geralt removes the curse, Anna dies due to the nature of the curse keeping her alive, and her husband commits suicide over the loss.

Spirit is freed before talking to the Ealdorman: If the spirit is freed before consulting the Ealdorman, Downwarren will be attacked but Anna will not be turned into a water hag. Additionally a dialogue element will give the impression that the orphans have been saved but this turns out not to be true as there is no reference to the orphans' survival later in Novigrad as there normally is when they are saved.


Decision: Help Sarah or evict her from the house.

Help: If Geralt helps the Godling, she will still live in the house and she will stop sending nightmares to the dreamer so she can awaken and help Geralt, and in exchange Geralt will convince the banker the house is permanently haunted so he won't try to take it. Sarah and the dreamer room together in the house, becoming friends.

Eviction: If Geralt chooses to evict the godling, he will gather ingredients and use them to drive Sarah out of the house, which will awaken the dreamer. Sarah will appear at Bald Mountain, where she becomes friends with another godling named Johnny. Johnny will berate Geralt for throwing out Sarah, but she admits she is happy with her new friendship.

Whoreson Junior

Decision: Kill or spare him during Get Junior.

Kill Junior: If Geralt chooses to kill him, during Payback with Ciri they learn he is still alive and now lives on Temple Isle and she wants him to pay for what he did. However, when they arrive at his residence, they learn it's not Whoreson Junior but Dudu, who decided to impersonate him and take over his finances, turning it around into a legitimate business that has doubled in profits.

Spare Junior: If Geralt spared him, Ciri tracks him down to an area in The Bits to find children pelting rocks at him and calling him names while he sits in an alley. When questioned, he curses Ciri and Geralt, blaming them for his misfortune as he is now penniless. Feeling this is a far worse punishment than she had in mind, Ciri leaves him to his fate.

Interrogating Menge

Decision Play along with Triss's capture or fight for information on Dandelion.

Do not follow the plan: If Geralt tries to trick the guards using Axii, tries to stop Triss being tortured by the hunters, or asks about Dijkstra's treasure, a fight will break out and Geralt and Triss will find a piece of paper indicating Dandelion's location.

  • Asking about the treasure: If Geralt asks about Dijkstra's stolen treasure, a fight will break out but Geralt will learn the location of the treasure and obtain the key for Dijkstra and he will provide money for Geralt against the Wild Hunt at Kaer Morhen.
  • Not asking about the treasure: If Geralt does not ask, or does not have the opportunity to ask about the treasure, Geralt may find the key, but he won't have the location and Geralt won't get support from Dijsktra against the Wild Hunt at Kaer Morhen.

Allowing Triss to be tortured: If Geralt sits with Menge and sits through Triss' torture, and stays on topic about Dandelion, Menge will tell Geralt where Dandelion is and burns the paper. Menge then checks on Triss, who has killed her captures and kills Menge.

Now or Never

Decision 1: Help the mages, or not. This also has an effect on who rules and who wins the war.

Smuggle mages out of Novigrad: If Geralt helps Triss smuggle the mages out of the city, the hunters turn their attention to other races, like elves and dwarves, to persecute. Zoltan will not be able to help Geralt rescue Margarita, because the guards will not trust the dwarf.

Abandon the mages: If Geralt chooses to ignore Triss' request in helping the mages, they are rounded up and killed. Zoltan will be able to help Geralt in rescuing Margarita by getting them drunk and Geralt can easily circumvent the prison guards. However, this option locks out A Deadly Plot meaning Radovid will win the war. This also prevents the player from romancing Triss.

Decision 2: Tell Triss you love her or not. This has an effect on who Geralt will end up with in the end.

Tell Triss to stay and that you love her as she's leaving: She'll leave, but then re-appear shortly and the two will go have sex in the lighthouse. This will lock her in as a romance option.

Tell Triss anything but "I love you": Triss leaves, locking her out of being romanced.

Assassins' Quests

There are 3 quests under this: A Deadly Plot, An Eye for an Eye, and Redania's Most Wanted.

Decision: Complete all 3 quests or not.

Do all 3 quests: Completing all 3, along with a choice later on in Act III, will unlock Reason of State which will decide who rules and who wins the war as well as Temeria's status.

Don't complete all 3 quests: The option to later assassinate Radovid V is locked out and therefore Radovid will win the war, Emhyr will be killed for losing, and Temeria will no longer exist as a country.

The Last Wish

Decision 1: Help Yennefer or not.

Help Yennefer: This will unlock the option at the end of the quest to romance her.

Don't do the quest: This will lock out the option to romance Yennefer.

Decision 2: Tell Yennefer you still love her or not.

Tell Yennefer you still love her: The two will profess their love for each other and kiss, locking in Yennefer as a romance option.

Tell Yennefer you don't want to be with her anymore: This will lock her out of being romanced.


Decision: Help Cerys an Craite or ignore the quest. This quest must be done before Act III or else it will fail.

Help Cerys deal with the Hym: This (along with the completion of The Lord of Undvik) will open up the chance to do King's Gambit which will determine who becomes the ruler of Skellige.

Don't help Cerys: King's Gambit is locked out and Svanrige an Tuirseach becomes the new ruler of Skellige.

The Lord of Undvik

Decision: Help Hjalmar an Craite or ignore the quest. This quest must be done before Act III or else it will fail.

Help Hjalmar kill the ice giant: This (along with Possession) will open up the chance to do King's Gambit which will determine who becomes the ruler of Skellige.

Don't help Hjalmar: King's Gambit is locked out and Svanrige an Tuirseach becomes the new ruler of Skellige. Furthermore, its presumed that both Hjalmar and Cerys are dead.

King's Gambit

Prerequisites: Possession and The Lord of Undvik

Decision: Help Cerys an Craite, Hjalmar an Craite, or no one. This quest must be done before Act III or else it will fail.

Help Cerys: The true culprit behind the attacks is revealed and Cerys will be crowned Queen of Skellige. She will then forgo raiding other countries to focus on the Isles, making them prosper under her leadership.

Help Hjalmar: The true culprit behind the attack is never revealed but by shedding the blood of the remaining berserkers he clears the family name and is crowned King of Skellige. He will then increase raids against Nilfgaard, even at the cost of his people's lives.

Don't help anyone or ignore the quest: The an Craite name never recovers and Svanrige an Tuirseach is crowned King of Skellige. His mother tries to have her son pledge himself, and therefore Skellige, to Nilfgaard, much to the other Jarls' dismay. However, he goes against his mother's agenda and instead unites all the clans against their sworn enemy. He ends up replacing the Isle's elective monarchy with a hereditary one, killing some of his people to do so.

Act II

This act starts after all leads in Velen, Novigrad, and Skellige have been exhausted and Geralt realizes Uma may have something to do with Ciri. Note that the point of no return, which will close and/or fail some quests, is when Geralt heads to the Isle of Mists.

Blood on the Battlefield

Decision 1: Cheer up Ciri by drinking or having a snowball fight. Note that this counts towards what will happen to Ciri in the end.

Tell Ciri she doesn't have to be good at everything: This will lead to Geralt trying to cheer Ciri up by consuming some alcohol, but this doesn't help take her mind off what happened and will count as a negative mark towards Ciri's ending.

Tell Ciri you know what might lift her spirits: Geralt will start a snowball fight with Ciri, cheering her up and getting her mind off things. This will count as a positive mark towards Ciri's ending.

Decision 2: Take Ciri to see her father or go straight to Velen. This will ultimately decide which alive ending Ciri will get if enough positive marks are obtained.

Take Ciri to see her father: This will put Ciri on the path to become Empress of Nilfgaard but only if 3 positive marks are obtained and Nilfgaard wins the war.

If Geralt accepts Emhyr's payment for bringing Ciri: This will count as a negative mark towards Ciri's ending.
If Geralt refuses Emhyr's payment: This will count as a positive mark towards Ciri's ending.

Don't take Ciri to see Emhyr: If Geralt decides to not take Ciri to see her father and more positive than negative marks are obtained (or equal amount), Ciri will choose to become a witcher in the end.


This act begins immediately after Blood on the Battlefield, when Geralt and Ciri head to Bald Mountain to exact revenge.

Final Preparations

Decision: Go with Ciri to meet the Lodge of Sorceresses or let her go alone. Note that this counts towards what will happen to Ciri in the end.

Go with Ciri: Ciri will lose confidence in herself and this will count as a negative mark towards her ending.

Encourage Ciri to go alone: Ciri will gain confidence in herself and this will add a positive mark towards her ending.

Blindingly Obvious

Decision: Be diplomatic with Sigismund Dijkstra or fight him. This in turn will decide who rules and who wins the war.

Mention you know what the emperor's after: Dijkstra will be happy with the information and will give the secondary quest Reason of State if the Assassins' Quests were completed.

Fight Dijkstra: This will mean Radovid V will win the war, Emhyr will be killed for losing, and Temeria will no longer exist as a country.

Reason of State

Prerequisites: See Assassins' Quests in Act I.

Decision: Don't help, let Dijkstra kill his co-conspirators, or defend the Temerian patriots from Dijkstra.

Don't do the quest: Radovid V will win the war, Emhyr will be killed for losing, and Temeria will no longer exist as a country.

Let Dijkstra kill his former co-conspirators: Thaler, Vernon Roche, and Ves are killed. Dijkstra takes over the Northern Realms and wins the war, causing Emhyr to be killed, and Temeria is claimed by the North, losing its status as a country.

Defend Thaler, Vernon, and Ves: The 3 Temerian patriots live and Dijkstra is killed. This will cause Emhyr to win the war (and he'll kill off his opposition) and Temeria becomes a vassal state under Nilfgaard. If other requirements are met with Ciri, she will become Empress with this choice.

Child of the Elder Blood

Decision: Let Ciri take out her frustration or not in Avallac'h's laboratory. Note that this counts towards what will happen to Ciri in the end.

Tell Ciri to calm down: This will weaken Ciri's resolve, earning a negative mark towards her ending.

Tell Ciri to go for it: Geralt and Ciri will have fun wrecking the place, strengthening Ciri's resolve. This will count as a positive mark towards her ending.

Skjall's Grave

Decision: Go with Ciri to visit Skjall's grave or not. Note that this counts towards what will happen to Ciri in the end.

Say you'll go with her: The two find and bury Skjall and Ciri feels a bit better after being allowed to grieve for him. This will add a positive mark towards her ending.

Say there's no time: This will count as a negative mark towards Ciri's ending.

Hearts of Stone expansion

The defining choice of the main quest of the Hearts of Stone expansion comes in the last main quest Whatsoever a Man Soweth... where Geralt's actions determine Olgierd von Everec's fate.

Decision: Meet with Shani in order to discover what she learned about Gaunter O'Dimm.

Talk with Shani in her house: Meeting with Shani will lead Geralt to Temple Isle and to Professor Shakeslock, who will inform the witcher that the only way to defeat the Man of Glass is to best him in a battle of wits. This will allow Geralt to intercede when Gaunter O'Dimm comes to collect Olgeird's soul. Should he choose, Geralt can still allow Gaunter O'Dimm to claim Olgierd's soul.

Head straight to the Temple of Livani: Upon arriving at the Temple of Livani, Gaunter O'Dimm will claim Olgierd's soul and offer Geralt a boon for the completion of his service.

Blood and Wine expansion

The choices which determine the ultimate outcome of the Blood and Wine expansion revolve around how Geralt interacts with Syanna, or if the witcher and Regis seek out The Unseen Elder.

The Night of Long Fangs

Decision: Enter Beauclair to find Damien Monnier or Orianna.

Try to find Damien: Geralt and Regis save Damien and his men from a fleder and convince him that the only way to save the city is to reveal where Anna Henrietta hid Syanna. Committing to this decision leads to the quest Beyond Hill and Dale....

Try to find Orianna: Geralt tracks down Orianna (beginning the quest Blood Simple) who, in return for him slaying an alpha garkain, reveals to the witcher how to find The Unseen Elder. Committing to this decision leads to the quest What Lies Unseen.

Note: Your decision is not locked in on either path until you either interact with The Land of a Thousand Fables book or tell Regis that you want to seek out The Unseen Elder at the docks, respectively.

Beyond Hill and Dale...

Important: Thoroughly reading through the Court Governess' journal is part of the requirements for both Syanna and Anna Henrietta to survive the main quest.

Decision: Choose whether to indulge Syanna when she offers to tell her story, or reject her.

Geralt listens to Syanna's story: Syanna recounts what became of her after being banished from Toussaint and how she and Dettlaff became involved. This will count towards one of the requirements to save both sisters.

Geralt refuses to listen to Syanna: Geralt rejects Syanna, deriding her as nothing more than someone slighted with a chip on their shoulder. This decision will lock Geralt out of any further meaningful inquiry into Syanna's character and to her killing her sister if she survives her meeting with Dettlaff.

Decision: Choose whether or not to retrieve Syanna's ribbon from the Little Flint Girl.

Geralt obtains the ribbon: Whether by purchasing it or obtaining it as a prize in a game of gwent, Geralt is given the ribbon and returns it to Syanna. This will allow Syanna to survive the meeting and possibly save both sisters if all other requirements are met, while leading to a certain death for Dettlaff. This will lead into Pomp and Strange Circumstance after the meeting.

Geralt does not obtain the ribbon: This choice will doom Syanna to be killed by Detlaff, but is the only choice which grants the opportunity to spare the vampire. This will lead to Burlap is the New Stripe after the meeting due to getting Syanna killed, but Anna Henrietta will remain alive.

Tesham Mutna

This outcome is based on if you sought out The Unseen Elder or Syanna, and if the latter, if you got the ribbon or not.

Went to The Unseen Elder: Dettlaff will be summoned to Tesham Mutna and attack the two. This choice will ultimately lead to both Syanna and Anna Henrietta's deaths.

Retrieved Syanna and gave her the ribbon: Dettlaff will fail to kill her and attacks Geralt and Regis out of anger, forcing them to kill Dettlaff. This will lead into Pomp and Strange Circumstance.

Retrieved Syanna but didn't give her the ribbon: Dettlaff will kill Syanna but will not immediately attack Geralt. Regardless if you choose to let him leave or kill him, this'll lead into Burlap is the New Stripe, with the only difference being if Geralt receives any of the coin promised to him for killing the Beast of Toussaint (if let go, no reward is given).

Pomp and Strange Circumstance

Decision: Investigate the target of the final murder with Regis, or don't.

Decide not to investigate: Forgoing the investigation of the final murder will lead directly into the ceremony. After passing judgement, regardless of any advice provided by Geralt (or not), Syanna will kill Anna Henrietta and, in turn, is killed by Damien.

Decide to investigate: Geralt and Regis ultimately discover the target of the final murder to be the duchess herself. With this information, Geralt goes to see Syanna, once again in confinement. If all the other requirements have been met (read the entire journal and listened to Syanna's story) Geralt will be able to talk Syanna down from going through with the final target with the right responses:

  • "Cause she turned her back on you, forgot about you."
  • "Ever thought to forgive her?"

This will cause Syanna to instead argue with her sister during the ceremony before they forgive each other.