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Tw3 achievements friend in need unlocked

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its expansions, diagrams and manuscripts appear at random in chests throughout the world, therefore making it hard to sometimes locate a particular one if it's not sold by a merchant. This is a list detailing the locations of chests known to hold a random diagram (or two).

Finding recipes[]

The mechanics behind recipes locations is quirky, however, it is also in favor of the player. Meaning that it is possible to find all the recipes, however, it is not possible to find all of them at once, as there are hidden walls which prevent finding new ones. The exact rules for the mechanics are unknown, however, there are a few patterns that have been found through gameplay:

  • The recipes are mostly random, but the mechanics prevent finding duplicates. In other words once a recipe is obtained it is removed from the circulation ensuring that the next recipe that is found will be a different one. There are rare occasions when duplicate recipes are found, this happens when you have more than one container in which you find recipes in the same location when hitting the wall. As then there are no other new recipes the containers can have and thus they end up containing the same one.
  • The hidden walls preventing the player from finding new recipes are linked to Geralt's current level. In other words while recipes can be found in random containers scattered around the world map they will only contain them up to a certain cap. Once the cap is reached no more recipes will be found until reaching a higher level, at which point the cap will be extended and new recipes will appear again. The cap is mostly extended every 1-2 level-ups, however, it's mostly by around 2-3 recipes, greater extensions occur around every 5 levels i.e. level 5, 10, 15 etc. The final cap is removed after reaching level 30 after which all recipes should be possible to find.
  • Most recipes can be found starting at level 10 which is around 90 (that is not counting the 14 recipes available from the start of the game or others obtained through quests), after which the process will begin slowing down. Meaning at level 20 only around 30 more recipes can be found. At level 25 around five more will be found, which will be the point where all but one recipe will be available. The last recipe will become available at level 30.
  • Leveling up will also cause some of the containers which contain recipes to reset. This will ensure that more new recipes can be found even if all of the containers have previously been looted.
  • Even though the recipes are mostly random some patterns are linked to the current level as well. For example the recipes for alchemical substances like Rebis and Hydragenum can only be found starting from level 2. While the Manuscript page: Superior Full Moon is nearly always the last recipe to be found as it's only available at level 30.
  • While the recipes are mostly random the mechanics prevent finding higher grade recipes prior to the lower grade. For example the recipe for an enhanced White Raffard's Decoction cannot be found before finding the recipe for the regular White Raffard's Decoction. This is to prevent annoyance as enhanced versions cannot be brewed prior to the regular ones as they are always one of the required ingredients, same goes for superior versions which require the enhanced versions. Although there are rare exceptions, however, in such a case the recipes for the lower grade versions must also be available to be found at that point.
  • When a container has only one recipe or diagram, it is usually restricted to selecting from either the alchemy or equipment pools. Similarly, almost all containers that have 2 diagrams seem to yield one equipment diagram and one alchemical recipe. Thus, because there are fewer potions, oils and bombs than there are armors and weapons (especially when level-restricted), you may see only one diagram in many containers that are capable of containing two or more.

White Orchard[]

Location # of Diagrams Description
Guarded treasure south of the Ransacked Village 4 Guarded over by several drowners. There are two half-buried chests here with two diagrams each.
Underwater chest south of the Ransacked Village 2 A small distance southeast from the guarded treasure, there's a hidden underwater chest tucked behind some rocks. It is not easy to get, as it is just past the map borders, but there's just enough time to blindly loot it after the "world's edge" message is displayed.
Bandit camp southwest of the Ford signpost (in the woods) 2 Guarded over by several bandits. Loot the chest for the diagrams.
Guarded treasure northeast of Abandoned Village, along the riverbank 4 Guarded over by several drowners. Take them out to loot all the chests here.
Abandoned Village 2 Found during Contract: Devil by the Well. After you jump into the well and get the item, you'll have to swim to get out. In the small area connecting the tunnels is a chest with 2 diagrams.
Bandit camp southwest of Broken Bridge 2 This camp has several bandits and lootable crates. Kill them off, then loot the chests.
Hut during A Frying Pan, Spick and Span 2 In the room with the corpse
Just northwest of White Orchard village, in the river 2 Along the riverbank, look for a couple washing tubs and you'll see a fisherman's boat out in the river. The chest is just beneath his boat.
Bandit camp south of Nilfgaardian Garrison 2 After killing the bandits, loot the containers for the diagrams. They are both in the camp chest and in a bundle behind the tents.
Unmarked Nilfgaardian camp, northwest of White Orchard cemetery 2 If having trouble finding it, follow the road north of the cemetery to the west. As you near the river, you should see the camp on a hill. The chest is behind the tents.
In the house near the Mill 2 Found during Temerian Valuables. In the hut's basement are several chests.
Hidden treasure east of the Mill 2 This is the place where Dirty Funds is started. Some wolves have to be dealt with first, then loot the big chest for the diagrams.

Royal Palace (Vizima)[]

Location # of Diagrams Description
Iron chest in Yennefer's room 2 Accessible after Yennefer leaves at the end of Imperial Audience. After Patch 4.0, it's right next to the chest with the new Relic sets.
Emhyr's office 4 Accessible during Brothers In Arms: Nilfgaard. 2 iron chests in the office can give up to 2 diagrams each.


Region Location # of Diagrams Description
Grayrocks Mulbrydale 2 Look for a hut that you can use Aard on to get inside. There are two of them and both are worth looting, but for the random diagrams you want the one in the west - a chest inside has them.
Grayrocks Merchant tent between Mulbrydale and Devil's Pit 2 Look for the merchant's tent around the intersection area between the two settlements. It'll be in a chest beside the tent.
Grayrocks Devil's Pit 2 The bandit camp chest at the very bottom of the pit can have up to 2 diagrams.
Grayrocks Devil's Pit during In the Eternal Fire's Shadow 4 Taking the left tunnel branch shortly after entering the mine, a big chest with 2 diagrams is on a ledge just before a breakable wall and the third letter from Reinald. Afterwards, continue to follow the School of the Wolf symbols until you find the second letter from Reinald and shortly after it is a ledge to drop down from with a plague victim lurking underneath - the big crate on the ledge has 2 more diagrams.
Grayrocks Rocks northwest of Hanged Man's Tree 2 On the road-opposite side of some seemingly random rocks is a large crate with 2 diagrams. Three bandits are nearby, but they might not spawn before the crate is looted.
Grayrocks Monster den northwest of Hanged Man's Tree 7 2 are outside the cave, in a chest on the scaffolding (there's one more diagram in a chest just by the cave entrance, but that one isn't random). The others are inside, with 2 being in a chest under a scaffold, and 3 more in a chest on that scaffold itself. However, that last chest has specifically 1 oil recipe and 2 picks from a wider pool.
Grayrocks Nekker monster nest north of Codgers' Quarry 2 One of the two chests here can have 2 diagrams.
Grayrocks Guildenstern bridge (Western Gate) into Oxenfurt 4 Two partially submerged chests, by each of the western end bridge columns, containing 2 diagrams each.
Grayrocks Guarded treasure west of Ferry Station 2 Road from the station itself leads to it. Diagrams are in the treasure chest, guarded by a few drowners.
Grayrocks Ferry Station 4 There is a slightly submerged chest by the small eastern pier, and a large crate between the building and haystack, again on the eastern side. Both hold 2 diagrams each. It is easier to loot them before clearing Calveit Watchtower, as doing so makes Nilfgaardian soldiers return to the Ferry Station as well, and they will consider looting the containers stealing.
Mudplough Bandit camp north-northwest of Inn at the Crossroads 2 This is Vernossiel's camp during Contract: Woodland Beast. Take out any enemies if needed, then loot the chests to find the diagrams.
Mudplough Boris' camp, far northwest of Inn at the Crossroads 2 Near Boris' soup are several crates. 2 of them have a diagram.
Crow's Perch (region) Bandit camp northeast of Blackbough 2 Take care of the bandits, then loot the chest for a diagram.
Crow's Perch (region) Monster nest southwest of Crow's Perch 2 This monster nest is gathered around an abandoned cart. Take out the ghouls then loot the cart's chests.
Crow's Perch (region) Crow's Perch well 6 If you weren't allowed in to see the Baron, you will have to go this way. If you were allowed in, simply enter the well at a later time. In the cavern area are 2 chests on the surface, one with Diagram: Wolven silver sword - enhanced and another near it with up to 2 random diagrams. Now look for the small pool of water just off this area. 2 more chests are submerged here, with 2 more diagrams each.
Crow's Perch (region) Crow's Perch barn area 4 2 are in a chest in the barn's loft. Another 2 in the building to the left of the barn. Go up the stairs, then all the way over and down to the grass floor, where another chest is.
Crow's Perch (region) Crow's Perch smith area 2 This diagrams are in the room above the quartermaster. To the left of him is a small alley with a ladder. Climb up and follow the path all the way to the end. The building here will have a half wall section you can climb over to find a room with several chests, one of which has the diagrams.
Crow's Perch (region) Bridge east of Boatmakers' Hut 2 This is the unmarked quest Highwayman's Cache, the chest for which contains up to 2 diagrams.
Spitfire Bluff Guarded treasure south of Hangman's Alley 2 Some endregas must be killed here before the big chest with 2 diagrams can be looted.
Spitfire Bluff Bandit camp north-northeast of Coast of Wrecks 2 Take out the bandits here, then loot one of the chests for the diagrams.
Spitfire Bluff Unmarked shipwreck north-northwest of Coast of Wrecks 2 Between the guarded treasure and bandit camp north of Coast of Wrecks is a small peninsula on which a lone wrecked ship sits. On one side it has 2 chests, one of which has 2 diagrams.
Spitfire Bluff Shallow water along the Coast of Wrecks 4 Two chests with 2 diagrams each are in the waters near all the pirates.
Spitfire Bluff Guarded Treasure northwest of Coast of Wrecks 2 Note that a Noonwraith guards over this chest. Swim out to the island this is on and take out the noonwraith. The chest is on the island, near the split boat.
Spitfire Bluff Unmarked half-wrecked ship west of the Noonwraith Guarded Treasure and north of the Drowners Guarded Treasure 4 There are 2 chests in this area, with 2 diagrams each. One is on the bow of the ship (have to climb up to get to it) and the other is in the stern, in the submerged area on the top part of the ship (near some buckthorn).
Spitfire Bluff Unmarked location between the above ship and the Guarded Treasure to the east 1 Between the top part of the wreck and the island to the east is a submerged chest with a random diagram (in a shallow part of the water). Witcher Senses will make it easy to find here.
Spitfire Bluff West of the Hidden Treasure that's north of Coast of Wrecks 1 Along the coast to the west of the Hidden Treasure marker are a number of crates and barrels. There's a half-submerged chest here with a random diagram.
Spitfire Bluff Guarded treasure to the west of Coast of Wrecks 1 A couple drowners are here along with a chest with a random diagram.
Spitfire Bluff Unmarked chest further west of the Drowners guarded treasure west of Coast of Wrecks 2 The big island here is on the very edge of the map and not all of it is explorable, with quite a few containers out of reach. This chest is free to loot on the southeastern side.
Spitfire Bluff Bandit camp between Refugees' Camp and Midcopse 2 Take out the bandits here then loot the chest for the diagrams.
Spitfire Bluff Cannibal bandit camps around Condyle 8 There are 4 such camps - one in the village itself, one nearby to the east, one at a barricade to its north, and one far south. Each of the camp marker chests can have 2 diagrams.
Spitfire Bluff Near fisherman's hut far south of Condyle 2 The hut is on the shore north of the Spoils of War marker. Treasure chest is submerged near the pier.
The Descent Unmarked area west of Lindenvale and north of the guarded treasure. 2 There is an unmarked area north of where a Forktail guards over a treasure, most likely with nekkers nearby. It'll be a chest among some rocks, halfway down a hill (just on the border of the forest).
The Descent Watch tower above Lindenvale's inn 2 Climb up the ladder just outside the inn's door. They'll be the only chest in the tower.
The Descent Bandit camp just northeast of Lindenvale 2 Take out the bandits, then climb up the tower and loot the chest for the diagrams.
The Descent Ruined hut northwest of Toderas 4 Very near to the village, but on the other side of the road in some swamps with foglets around. A large crate and one of the small bundles can have up to 2 diagrams each.
The Descent Southeast of Marauders' Bridge 2 The treasure chest for Hidden from the World, on a small hill with many boulders. It isn't locked, so doing the quest isn't strictly necessary, but will provide directions.
The Descent First nekker monster nest west of Benek 1 Near the wagon is a chest with 1 diagram.
The Descent Dragonslayer's Grotto 4 To the right after entering the grotto are a couple of wraith-infested siderooms. Two chests inside the farthest room have 2 diagrams each.
The Mire Wandering in the Dark cave entrance 4 2 in a chest up the ruin stairs outside, and another 2 in a chest down the first flight of stairs inside (before the first cutscene), beside the archway.
The Mire Wandering in the Dark cave, after failed portal 2 If you went through the failed portal, you'll have to go through a flooded tunnel to get back (otherwise, it's to the left of the entry point). There's a submerged chest here.
The Mire Wandering in the Dark cave, first main chamber (first cutscene area) 2 On the ground floor, below the archway and stairs you passed through to enter the first chamber, to is a chest with 2 diagrams. It is near a torch and at the foot at one of the statues, right of the stairs when facing away from the cave entrance.
The Mire Wandering in the Dark cave, sea port cavern 9 The tunnel to the left (with a kayran symbol at the entry) has two submerged chests with 2 diagrams each. After you get to the other side is one more with up to 3 diagrams (though only 2 might be guaranteed). However, wraiths will attack as soon as it is interacted with. Head back to Keira, then take a left again to a tunnel across from where you originally entered the sea port cavern - it's a dead end with a chest containing 2 diagrams.
The Mire Wandering in the Dark cave, golem room 5-6 Look for the chest on the same floor as the golem for 3 diagrams, one of which is limited to oil recipes. Then head up the scaffolding to find another chest with 2 diagrams and a random chance for a 3rd.
The Mire Wandering in the Dark cave, gargoyle area 3 Just before the optional room where a gargoyle will attack is a chest with 3 diagrams, one of which may only be an oil recipe.
The Mire Wandering in the Dark cave, after closing the 3 portals 2 Before the fight with Nithral, you go through a small tunnel. There is a blocked off area here where you can use Aard to access a chest with 2 diagrams (note it's guarded over by a foglet).
The Mire Wandering in the Dark cave, Nithral fight area 4 After defeating Nithral, he'll drop Diagram: Angrenian cuirass, but there is also a chest with 2 diarams near where you entered the fight. For the other 2, after you get The Eye of Nehaleni, run back across the room and use on the illusion behind the destroyable wall to reveal a flooded tunnel, where the diagrams are in a submerged chest on the other end.
The Mire Wandering in the Dark cave, finding an exit 2 Near the illusion exit is a chest with 2 diagrams.
The Mire Magic Lamp cave area 4 Agree to help Keira in finding the lamp and follow to another area. Near the shrine are climbable ledges to a Place of Power and a golem. Take out the golem to loot the chests here, 2 of which have 2 diagrams each.
The Mire Guarded treasure southeast of Byways 2 There are many wraiths around, although they tend to roam behind the ruins and aren't that dangerous. You'll also be directed here for Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear/Part 5.
The Mire Ruins south of Wastrel Manor signpost 4 2 of the diagrams are in a chest by the road on the eastern side of the ruins. The other 2 are in a chest in the cellar underneath, which can only be accessed with The Eye of Nehaleni, usually during A Greedy God.
The Mire Western Fyke Isle 2 Pretty much at the tip of the island's western end, there's a partially submerged chest with 2 diagrams.
The Mire Around Fyke Isle tower 2 At the wall watchtower-like structure near the broken gates, both the crate inside and the one at the foot of the stairs can have a blade oil formula each.
The Mire Inside Fyke Isle tower 7 A chest on the third floor, in the bedroom by the upward stairs, contains 2 diagrams. Another 2 are in a chest in Alexander's lab. There's a third chest with 1 oil formula and 2 other diagrams on the very top level, on a ledge at the very top level, reachable through a break in the wall.
The Mire Island south of Fyke Isle 4 On the island itself are 2 chests with 2 diagrams each. The first and only non-submerged one in the area lies on the south side of island, and the second is in the small pond east of the campfire. Just past the wall eastward is another chest that technically can hold 2 diagrams, but is a copy of the last one and thus gives the same diagrams. Immediately next to it is the one with Diagram: Enhanced Wolven armor.
The Mire Island south of Fyke Isle 10 Further east from the Enhanced Wolven armor diagram, under a horizontally-placed wall and next to the Sunken Chest treasure is another chest with 2 diagrams, and to its south in another pit area are two more chests with 2 diagrams each - one on some scaffolding (with a non-diagrams chest under it) and one under a wall to its west. And the last two, again with 2 diagrams each are at the northeast part of the submerged ruins, just before the last submerged wall to the north.
Crookback Bog House south of Downwarren 2 Tucked under the northern of three ruined houses in the swamps south from the village is a chest with 2 diagrams. Some bandits may be there depending on the main story progression.
Crookback Bog House north of The Orphans of Crookback Bog 2 Dilapidated house directly north of Crones' village and just east of a small shrine. There's a chest on the southeast side and some low level drowners will appear nearby.
Crookback Bog Guarded treasure east of Ruined Tower 2 Chest is guarded over by a water hag.
Crookback Bog In the water tunnels beneath the Ancient Oak 6 Starting at the bend in the water tunnel, there are 3 submerged chests, each with 2 diagrams.
Crookback Bog Between Kimbolt Way and Crossroads 2 An unmarked roadside encampment, next to a bridge over swamp waters. The diagrams are in a chest up in the tower.
Bald Mountain (region) Bandit camp north of Road to Bald Mountain 2 The camp chest here always has Diagram: Scoia'tael sword, but a small bundle by the nearby boat has 2 random ones. Some deserters will be around.
Bald Mountain (region) Road to Bald Mountain 2 While ascending through the path, near where Johnny appears during the Bald Mountain quest, a chest with 2 diagrams is tucked behind one of the tall rocks there. If you're having trouble finding it, stand on the platform where Johnny is, facing the lake, and it should be the first rock on the right side.
Bald Mountain (region) Defier's Oren waters 2 Underwater just where the Defier's oren is found after Thecla drops it during the Bald Mountain quest, is a chest with 2 diagrams.
Bald Mountain (region) Passage out of the Crones' chamber 2 There's a high, unreachable ledge in a "dead end" chamber that you can swim to after getting the Defier's oren. However, it can be reached from the other side, after passing through the Crones' chamber during the Bald Mountain quest (the page has instructions for this), used to exit their cave. On that ledge is a chest with up to 2 random diagrams and a Forgotten vran sword.
Bald Mountain (region) Bald Mountain summit 2 Drop down under the bridge and look for a chest tucked behind the rocks around the small pond there. It can actually be seen from the higher end of the bridge if you use Witcher Senses.
Nilfgaardian Army Group 'Center' Camp Bridge to the east 2 There's a slightly submerged chest under the bridge east of the camp, which is unfortunately beyond the map borders and might not be lootable by standard gameplay means. It is possible though that with a bit of luck and high precision, the couple of seconds after triggering the map border warning may be enough for some players to loot it.

Novigrad and Oxenfurt[]

Region Location # of Diagrams Description
Grassy Knoll Crossroads south of Drahim Castle 2 Right in the middle between the castle and the Border Post, there's a broken cart with a chest propped against it, which has the diagrams.
Grassy Knoll Riverbank southeast of Cunny of the Goose 4 There's a small barn by the river, with a boat sitting there, directly north of Hindhold. 2 chests in the shallow waters have up to 2 diagrams each.
Grassy Knoll Bandit camp southwest of Lucian's Windmill 2 Kill the deserters and then take the diagrams from their camp chest just inside the hut.
Grassy Knoll Widows' Grotto guarded treasure 2 The map marker and the nightwraith or noonwraith here don't appear before From a Land Far, Far Away is completed, but the chest is always present, tucked under the southern end of the wooden pathway.
Grassy Knoll Widows' Grotto 4 Inside the grotto you'll find 2 chests in the back, with up to 2 diagrams in each.
Grassy Knoll Islands south of Widows' Grotto (must do Coast of Wrecks) 8 Start the quest Coast of Wrecks, where you'll have to loot 4 chests. Each one can have 2 diagrams.
Grassy Knoll Drahim Castle 18 There are 2 diagrams in a barrel just above the cellar with the ghoul during Contract: The White Lady. The other up to 16 diagrams are scattered among containers of all kinds in the tower building, behind the breakable wall. There's at least one such container on each floor, every one with up to 2 diagrams.
Novigrad Triss' ransacked house on Hierarch Square 2 In the courtyard, chest closest to the gate.
Novigrad Under Kluhg's shop 4 2 chests where the drowner appears during Pyres of Novigrad, one under the ladder and one next to the secret door wall.
Novigrad Canal north of Crippled Kate's 4 2 chests underwater by the bridge, right next to the sack that you have to retrieve for Triss.
Novigrad Var Attre Villa 1 In the courtyard, on the eastern side of the building there are 2 large crates and one of them has the diagram. However, it's possible that this one is restricted to oil recipes only.
Novigrad East of the Passiflora 2 On the cliff ledge that can be used as a "backdoor" to the Var Attre residence, right after dropping down near the statue there's a chest.
Novigrad Gildorf sewers 2 In a small bundle container near (not behind) the illusory wall guarded by a water hag. It's located directly underneath the Var Attre residence gardens, and the closest sewers entrance is on the cliff edges behind them.
Novigrad A Tome Entombed cave 2 Deep in the sewers, this elven ruin cave isn't easy to find - best refer to the quest itself for directions. A chest behind the statue has 2 diagrams.
Novigrad Under Sigismund's Bathhouse 3 There's 1 oil recipe in the cell that can only be entered from where Bart is, and 2 more diagrams in a chest on a small scaffolding right after the pops' mold vapors start during Count Reuven's Treasure.
Novigrad Under Sigismund's Bathhouse during Blindingly Obvious 6 In the chamber where the Fire Elemental appears, additional chests are added exclusively for the duration of the quest, which means that they can only be looted before returning with Philippa Eilhart upstairs, and 3 of them have 2 diagrams each. Obviously, the elemental must be dealt with first, but then you also have to avoid Philippa's magic strikes while looking for the chests. 2 of them are left from the entrance right after you enter it (there are 2 on each side, don't get confused by that) and the third is tucked behind the bottom half of the stairway.
Novigrad Sewers during Now or Never 12 After entering the sewers through the mages' hideout at The Kingfisher Inn, the first small bundle right after the grate has 2 diagrams. Tucked in a corner on some scaffolding exactly where the first mucknixers appear is a chest with 2 more. Up to 6 more are in large bundles on the scaffolding where the second group of mucknixers are (before finding the library). Immediately after breaking the wall to leave the library, a chest with 2 more diagrams is to the left.
Novigrad Sewers during Now or Never 6 After the section with the rats, in the next area where mucknixers appear there are 2 barrels holding 2 diagrams each, and then in the next room (with a corpse by a campfire) are 2 more barrels and 2 large bundles, all holding up to 2 diagrams each. However, pairs of the containers mentioned here seem to be copies of each other and give the same diagrams.
Novigrad Sewers during Now or Never 4 In the next room (with two drowner corpses and a locked door) is a large bundle with 2 diagrams. Later, in the room with the katakan, 2 large bundles can hold up to 2 diagrams each, but like in the previous entry are copies of each other and thus only 2 diagrams can be received.
Novigrad Harborside sewers exit 4 On the northern side of the bay, the same place where you'd exit the sewers with Triss during Now or Never, but outside of that quest there will be some bandits there and this is also the only potion accessible before the quest. Just inside the grates are 2 large bundles with 2 diagrams each.
Novigrad Warehouse at the Novigrad Docks 6 The big building west of the signpost. Inside are 3 chests with 2 diagrams each. One is on the ground under a scaffold, a second on that same scaffold itself (Geralt can grab its ledge to climb), and the third on another scaffold on the western end of the building, where you have to jump from the shelves by the door.
Novigrad Tunnels under Temple Isle 2 An iron chest in Mad Kiyan's room (during Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear) has 2 diagrams.
Gustfields Guarded treasure near Arette 2 Just east of Arette, under a tree a Water hag is guarding a chest with 2 diagrams.
Gustfields Vegelbud Residence 1 In the garden maze, tucked in a little dead-end alcove right in the middle, where the fistfight with the witch hunters during A Matter of Life and Death occurs, is a chest that contains 1 diagram. It could be limited to blade oils or alchemy recipes.
Gustfields Philippa's hideout at Est Tayiar 2 During the Redania's Most Wanted quest, when you reach the lowest level (where the golem appears), a chest behind the portal has 2 diagrams.
Gustfields Master Topical's hut 2 A chest inside the hut has 2 diagrams. With the Hearts of Stone expansion enabled, some Fallen Knights have to be dealt with there.
Gustfields Isolated Hut 2 A chest inside the secret passage during A Poet Under Pressure has them, right after climbing down the ladder. At the end of the quest, the witch hunter himself can also drop a diagram.
Gustfields Moldavie Residence 4 Two chests inside the house, the key for which must first be received at the start of Contract: Doors Slamming Shut.
Gustfields Inside the Cavern 2 Behind the illusory wall inside and to the left is an Aard-able obstacle, behind which are a few containers. Diagrams are in the chest.
Gustfields Above the Cavern 2 Guarded treasure where an Armored arachas has to be killed. However, the container is the big crate against which the corpse is propped up and not the treasure itself.
Oxenfurt Under the bridge to Oxenfurt Academy 4 In the water, two chests with 2 diagrams each.
Oxenfurt Oxenfurt Harbor 2 On a scaffold above the archway leading from the harbor signpost to the city market, there's a chest with 2 diagrams. It takes some effort to climb to it, but Geralt can grab the ledge of the stone arch from the city's side and jump from there, or alternatively he can jump to the neighbouring roof from a cart on the harbor side and reach it through there.
Oxenfurt Oxenfurt sewers during The Great Escape 12 Right after jumping in the well, underwater are 3 chests, then 3 more in the room with the drowners where the lever is found, and 1 more in the flooded area to the right after the door opened with the lever. All hold up to 2 diagrams each.
Oxenfurt Deireadh prison during The Great Escape 5 The big chest in the first room, where the sewer key is found, has 2 diagrams. In the northern tower, reachable after defeating all the guards in the courtyard, is a chest with 3 more diagrams, though one of those might be limited to blade oils and/or not guaranteed.
82?cb=20160710035615 Mohrin Village 2 Chest inside the western hut, the same one that has notes from the ealdorman of Mohrin.
82?cb=20160710035615 Hunter's Cottage 2 There's a bear guarded treasure here, but the 2 diagrams are in the big chest inside the hut.
82?cb=20160710035615 Barrengarth 2 The chest guarded by the wraiths can have up to 2 diagrams.
82?cb=20160710035615 Guarded treasure at Heddel cemetery 2 In the treasure chest inside the crypt. Some ghouls and an alghoul need to be dealt with on the way.
82?cb=20160710035615 Oxenfurt sewers 3 During Evil's Soft First Touches, at least 3 containers around the sewers where Geralt meets Shani can contain a random diagram.
82?cb=20160710035615 Miller's Lake 4 Underwater south of the smaller isle and west of the larger one is a chest with up to 2 diagrams. Also underwater, but in the opposite "corner" of a square, east of the smaller and north of the larger isle, is another chest with 2 more diagrams.
82?cb=20160710035615 Vikk Watchtower 2 The reward chest for The Royal Air Force treasure hunt can include up to 2 diagrams. That is in addition to Diagram: Pyerog runestone, which always appears there.
82?cb=20160710035615 Bandit camp northeast of Brunwich 2 Kill the Fallen Knights and loot their camp chest. It can have up to 2 random diagrams, in addition to Diagram: Tvarog runestone and Diagram: Order of the Flaming Rose armor, both of which are guaranteed.
82?cb=20160710035615 Arnskrone Castle Ruins 4 The treasure chests for the two treasure hunt quests here, A Dark Legacy and The Secret Life of Count Romilly, each can have up to 2 random diagrams.


Island Location # of Diagrams Description
Ard Skellig Roadside trading camp 2 At the small unmarked trading camp, on the road from the crossroads to Kaer Trolde, a chest behind the big card has up to 2 diagrams. However, be aware that the guards there will attack Geralt for stealing from it.
Ard Skellig Kaer Trolde Harbor waters 4 There are two unmarked chests underwater behind the The New Port inn, containing up to 2 diagrams each. Jump down from the northern side of the inn and use Witcher Senses, they're easy to spot.
Ard Skellig Crach an Craite's room 2 A metal chest just by the door inside Crach's room at Kaer Trolde citadel has up to 2 diagrams.
Ard Skellig Peace Disturbed crypt 7 From the front entrance where the two women are, 2 diagrams are in a chest to the right side of the first room. In the room with the nightwraith is one chest with up to 3 diagrams, one of which is limited to blade oils. And the other 2 are in a chest just ahead after the Aardable rubble nearby.
Ard Skellig Hidden treasure among the islets north of Sund 2 Locked chest on the largest islet. The key is on a dead body just south of the islet.
Ard Skellig Sawmill south of Sund 2 A chest just below the southern structure here has 2 diagrams, but it disappears as soon as the abandoned site is liberated and thus can be very hard to even notice, let alone loot during combat. Somewhat luckily, the last bandit at the site is often bugged and spawns separately after all the others are killed, providing an opportunity.
Ard Skellig In Boxholm where you first find the fiend Morvudd. 2 In the bundles on the northeast side of the fight area.
Ard Skellig In Boxholm in a chest by the river 2 Not far from the shallow crossing, the chest can be seen while following Morvudd's tracks.
Ard Skellig In Boxholm in a chest beside the bridge. 2 Not far from the bridge on the east side, under a lean-to of collapsed roofing.
Ard Skellig Guarded treasure southwest of Kaer Trolde Harbor 2 On a hilltop shrine atop the shoreline, far from the roads. Three wraiths will appear after it is looted and as Geralt walks away.
Ard Skellig Fornhala 8 Multiple chests around the village hold 2 diagrams each. The 1st is in the hut closest to the signpost, the 2nd outside by the nearby handcart, the 3rd also outside by the closer of two northeastern huts, and the 4th is in the grass area immediately east of the big hut on the southern end.
Ard Skellig Farting Trolls cave 2 If you don't know where that is, it's a cave entered slightly west from the Place of Power on the path between Fornhala and Holmstein, but you'll also be taken there for Diagram: Enhanced Ursine boots during Scavenger Hunt: Bear School Gear/Part 1. In an alcove left of where the trolls appear, there's a chest with 2 diagrams.
Ard Skellig Kaer Muire 10 As usual, each container here has up to 2 diagrams. However, the place is full of Clan Drummond guards, so unless Svanrige becomes king of Skellige, looting is best done during or after The Sunstone, as then you have to kill everybody anyway. The first chest is in a ruined tower on the western wall, up and behind the houses - the wall can be climbed from near the entrance to the inner courtyard. In the courtyard itself are two containers - one metal chest beside a cart, and a big crate on the opposite side. After that, look for a barrel on the eastern wall of the fortress, at a wooden watchpost between the inner courtyard and another ruined tower. Directly adjacent, but on the outside of that same wall, is a pit easily reachable by going around the fortress from the signpost. A chest in there has another 2 diagrams and that's the only one lootable without upsetting the guards.
Ard Skellig Holmstein's Port 2 Take the stairs leading south of the port, and just before the last flight there's a sort of natural alcove within the rocks, though not quite a cave. An iron chest in there has up to 2 diagrams, and it's not visible from afar because of high grass masking it.
Ard Skellig Ruins southeast of Kaer Muire 2 In the ruin right in the middle between Holmstein's Port and the Cave of Dreams, a chest under the northern wall.
Ard Skellig Atop Kaer Gelen 4 There are three treasure chests near the Katakan, with two of them yielding up to 2 diagrams each. The first is outside the door and the second is the smaller of two inside where the vampire lurks. It's possible that the third, bigger chest may yield a diagram as well, but it is not guaranteed and most of the time will contain a relic item.
Ard Skellig Fortress between Kaer Gelen and Giants' Toes 2 You'll be taken here for Diagram: Ursine silver sword - enhanced, and near it is also the monster den chest with 2 diagrams.
Ard Skellig Inside Grotto 14 You'll be taken here for The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers and/or Scavenger Hunt: Bear School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 1 and a total of 7 containers have 2 diagrams each. The first is the top of three stacked small bundles just inside and left of the entrance, and in the water nearby is a chest. The next two are the large bundles to the right before entering the next chamber. In the second chamber, again to the right is a hard to notice small alcove with a chest. And finally, three more chests in the last chamber, where the Grossbart Brothers are.
Ard Skellig Distillery 4 You'll be directed here for Practicum in Advanced Alchemy. The big crate between Distiller's letter and Distiller's Log has 2 diagrams, and then there are 2 more in a chest up the scaffold where the mash is (furthest point past it).
Ard Skellig Shore between Grotto and Ruined Inn 6 In a small embayment south from the Distillery, you'll find some stuff that's been thrown away from it. On the shore, a chest and a barrel have 2 diagrams each, and 2 more are in a chest deep in the waters.
Ard Skellig Shipwreck east of the Ruined Inn 2 At the very end of the road east of the inn, there's a shipwreck with a couple of chests, one of which has 2 diagrams. It is guarded by a few drowned dead.
Ard Skellig Shipwreck southwest of the Ruined Inn 2 This is the treasure for Family Fortune, which is started at the Ruined Inn itself and will provide directions to it. However, the chest isn't locked and so that's not strictly necessary.
Ard Skellig Guarded treasure northwest of Elverum Lighthouse 2 Though the place in general is easy to find on account of the ekhidna and sirens, the chest location may be confusing due to varying elevation levels around - it's on a platform accessible from the inlet below the road.
Ard Skellig Ancient Crypt entrance 2 Just outside the sealed entrance is a chest with 2 diagrams.
Ard Skellig Ancient Crypt during The Sunstone 4 Just before Philippa fixes a flight of stairs, after dealing with the siren and drowners, there are 2 chests with 2 diagrams each. Both on the right side of the stairway, but one is slightly hidden around the stalagmites outside its frame.
Ard Skellig Ancient Crypt during The Sunstone 4 In the side room with the venomous arachas, there are 3 chests that can hold up to 2 diagrams each. However, the two closely guarded by the monster are actually copies of each other and will thus yield the same diagrams.
Ard Skellig Ancient Crypt during The Sunstone 4 After Philippa opens the door with a payment in blood, there's a wide area to the side. Two chests in there hold up to 2 diagrams each - the first is hidden behind a large, unbreakable stalagmite (in front of regular breakable ones) and the other is in the side room guarded by two Wild Hunt ghosts.
Ard Skellig Ancient Crypt during The Sunstone 10 In the large chamber with the mirrors puzzle and the sunstone itself, there are 5 chests scattered about, each with up to 2 diagrams. Two are on the ground to the left side, and one more on the platform with the left-side mirror. Then on the path to the right-side mirror, there's one hidden behind stalagmites and one next to the mirror itself.
An Skellig The Tower Outta Nowheres 4 Obviously only available during the quest, there are two chests under the stairs after entering the portal. The iron one on the golem's side has 2 diagrams. Two more iron chests in the room with the key to library also have up to 2 diagrams, but are copies of each other, so you only get 2 there as well.
Ard Skellig Ancient Crypt exit to Rogne 12 This section of the crypt is actually reachable from a hidden entrance north of Rogne, but consider these directions from its other end - just after obtaining the sunstone. Look for chests to the sides of the broken pathway - there are 4 between the first two encounters with Wild Hunt ghosts, and 2 of them hold up to 2 diagrams each. In a side room guarded by two more ghosts, the smaller of two chests has 2 more diagrams. Finally, in a wider cavern just before the exit, three of the four chests on a small platform have 2 more diagrams each.
Faroe Isle Shipwreck on western shore 2 Lone chest (among other different containers) on the bottom of a shipwreck on the western shore of the island, very near to the Horned Hoskuld's sword for Iron Maiden. There are many Ekhidnae around that would have to be killed first.
Faroe Isle Trottheim 2 Chest just inside the slave driver's house has 2 diagrams. However, the key to it must be obtained by doing Flesh for Sale and killing the slave driver.
Hindarsfjall Guarded treasure south of Freya's Garden 2 A level 16 wraith is guarding the chest with 2 diagrams here.
Hindarsfjall Cave under Freya's Garden 2 Two diagrams are in the chest next to the padlock key that's needed for unlocking the main building rooms during In Wolf's Clothing.
Hindarsfjall Right-side room inside locked house at Freya's Garden 2 Access to the building is gained during In Wolf's Clothing (often simultaneously with Nameless). Only the left room is relevant to the quest, but the right one has two very profitable chests, one of which holds random diagrams.
Kaer Almhult Underground hidden treasure 4 To get this, you have to kill practically all 20ish pirates on the island. After dealing with the above-ground enemies, enter the dungeons through the broken stairs in the northwestern end of the fortress. At the very end of the dungeon is a cell where you need to loot a key to prison, which unlocks the nearby two cells and treasures in them. Two of the chests in there have 2 diagrams each.
Spikeroog Small isle to the north 2 On a peak at the smaller of 2 isles just north of the main island is a chest with 2 diagrams.
Undvik Marlin Coast 2 In the building by the pier is a submerged chest with 2 diagrams.
Undvik Isle north of Marlin Coast 2 On an unmarked isle, approximately 250 feet (by in-game marker measures) north from the Marlin Cost signpost, and there is a large shipwreck and one smaller boat split in half on it. In the middle of them all is a chest with 2 diagrams.
Undvik Undvik Boatyards 4 A barrel inside a small boatwreck just west of the shipyard rail has 2 diagrams, then 2 more are in the guarded treasure further west, where all the roads end by the ocean. Some sirens and an ekhidna have to be killed there.
Undvik Islet east of Tor Gvalch'ca 2 Directly east of the tower are a few islets with shipwrecks on them. A submerged chest by the northern one there has 2 diagrams.
Undvik Southeast of Tor Gvalch'ca 2 This is the treasure chest for Precious Haul, and it can contain up to 2 diagrams.
Undvik Ravine under the broken bridge 2 This is directly north of Dorve Ruins, but the easiest way to get there is via a tunnel starting from the narrow bay west of the Marlin Coast buildings. On the eastern side of the water under the broken bridge is a chest with 2 diagrams.
Undvik Above the barricade 2 On the eastern cliff high above the barricade between Octo's ship and the cost. There will be a few containers, with 2 diagrams in the large crate. The easiest way to get there is to go north from the still intact bridge about halfway from Marlin Coast to the giant boat, where a few more minor containers are placed. Some harpies will have to be killed off.
Undvik Near Octo's ship 6 On the downwards path leading to Octo's boat, about 50 feet before reaching it, to the left is a big rock that you can get around and behind - there's a chest tucked in there with 2 diagrams. Another 4 diagrams are split between two barrels almost directly opposite of the climb-in entrance to the ship.
Undvik Urskar 6 A chest by the northern building (where the boat was dragged to) has 2 diagrams. Two chests inside the hut by the signpost also hold 2 diagrams each. There's also a sack by the door there that can contain a recipe, but it's only limited to those for Alcohest, Dwarven spirit, White Gull and it's not guaranteed.
Undvik "Harpy" tree caves 18 This cave actually has multiple unmarked entrances, but the marked and easiest ones are south from Urskar or west of the Clan Tordarroch Forge signpost. It's the same place where you follow Hjalmar's crews tracks during The Lord of Undvik. Coming from Urskar, the first chest is hardest to find - ust before reaching the big cave with a tree and harpies around it, drop down onto the path to your right - it leads to an unmarked exit in the mountains, where in a clearing is a big chest with 2 diagrams. 4 more chests with 2 diagrams each are in the waters around the cliff with the tree itself, one underneath the scaffolding that you can use to climb down, one further ahead on that same side of the tree, then one more hidden behind a big column to your right as you circle around the cliff, and one more on the very other end after you get around it. Back to the tree cliff, climb up the ladder leading to the forge exit and immediately to your right is another chest with 2 more diagrams. Continue up the tunnel, and take the left branch - a dead end with a chest and barrel containing 2 each as well. And finally, just before the exit to the forge side is another branch into a dead end with 2 more diagrams at its end.
Undvik Clan Tordarroch Forge 4 In the building there, inside the room with the massacre are 4 diagrams split between two of the three chests.
Undvik Large island to the west 2 This is one of few hidden treasures not associated with its own treasure hunt quest. There are two white bears there that have to be killed before looting a plain key on a corpse exactly at the marker, which unlocks the nearby chest with the diagrams.
Unnamed isles Far south of An Skellig 2 Bandit camp chest on a small island far south of An Skellig and northeast of Ard Skellig. Approximately 6 pirates have to be dealt with here.

Kaer Morhen[]

Location # of Diagrams Description
Keep entrance 2* Behind the southern support column after entering the keep is a chest that has 2 entirely random diagrams by default. However, this chest is special and when The Battle of Kaer Morhen quest begins, it will start replenishing every now and then with more, seemingly only Relic diagrams. It does this at yet unknown intervals until the main questline ends, and there might be other limits to it, such as only yielding a select few equipment diagrams while otherwise favoring oil and potion recipes.
Fortress walls 2 On what looks on the map like a thin patch of land between all three courtyards is a chest with 2 diagrams. The easiest way to reach it is from the wooden scaffolding that Geralt and Ciri can run during the tutorial. From the bottom, climb the ladder and hop over the railing onto the wall edge directly in front, and then you have to make a precise jump so you get onto the other wall ahead/left. From there, some upwards rolling over the rocks is necessary to reach the grassy area with the chest.
Fortress walls 2 On the innermost wall, north of the keep entrance is a big chest with 2 diagrams. You'll see it from far away, but it is not easy to reach (though easier after The Battle of Kaer Morhen if you choose to patch the walls), and even harder to explain because you literally have to use an invisible surface. This video shows how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJIXpB821Mc
Ruins east of the Iron Mine 2 You go through these ruins while tracking Eskel's tracks during To Bait a Forktail... A chest here has 2 diagrams.
Iron Mine signpost 2 Submerged in the waters by the makeshift dam bridge (its southeastern end) is a chest with 2 diagrams.
Old Speartip's caves 8 During The Final Trial, at the second aard-able obstacle climb on its right and up the second ledge is a chest with 2 diagrams. In the lair itself are 2 more chests with 2 diagrams each, one by a campfire and one in the northern corner. The final 2 are in another chest in an extra cave attached to the southwestern end of the lair - on the map, it's where the long road running west of the lake ends, but that only leads on top of this cave.
Guarded treasure in mountains 2 Up in the mountains east from the lakeside entrance to Old Speartip's caves, guarded by a wyvern and possibly a second one flying nearby. It can be tricky to reach, possibly easier from the Circle of Elements if you choose to stay there after The Final Trial.
Ruined Watchtower 2 A chest up on a ledge attached to the western wall.
Ruins west of the lake 2 Slightly south of the guarded treasure, should be seen as a structure on the map and since Patch 4.0 also a road starts from it. A big chest in there has the diagrams.
Old signal tower 4 You'll be taken here during Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear. Two chests atop the scaffolding have 2 diagrams each.
Bastion 2 Big chest by the southern wall, near the ladder.
Trail of Echoes cave 2 Chest by the first mutation table on the right.

Isle of Mists[]

For easier navigation, refer to this map image that has all treasure chests on the island marked.

Location # of Diagrams Description
Pier area 12 All 6 chests in the area around the pier can have up to 2 diagrams each. Three are on the shore's edges and the rest are underwater, with one directly under the platform itself.
Isle west of the pier 2 Submerged in a shipwreck on the southern end of the small isle west of the pier is a chest with 2 diagrams. Some ekhidnae will be around.
Southwestern beach 4 Directly south of Ferenc's body and the fiend, a chest on the beach and one just inside the water have 2 diagrams each.
Near the hut 6 Two of the three chests south of the road that the magic firefly leads you through have 2 diagrams each. One to the left of the hut entrance has another 2 diagrams.
Northern beach 8 A chest on the bow of the shipwreck directly south of where Ivo is has 2 diagrams. Slightly east where the lone bilge hag prowls is, a partially submerged chest has another 2, and the two big crates around contain one blade oil recipe each. Then tucked in the nearby break under the mountain path is another chest with 2 diagrams.
Northeastern peninsula 2 Climb the mountain north from the pathway and in a small depression close to the waters is a lone chest with 2 diagrams.
Eastern side 8 2 diagrams are in the chest on the shore right where the two tunnels are split, 4 more are in the two underwater chests east from it, and then another 2 in a chest on the small isle south of the big shipwreck. Some ekhidnae will be in this area.
Lighthouse 2 In the metal chest on the top, where Gaspard is found.


While there are no random equipment diagrams in the Blood and Wine expansion, there are such alchemical formulae. Dye formulae in particular are available exclusively as random loot in select locations, and formulae for converting mutagens can be found as well, although those are also sold by alchemists.

Location Type Description
Temple Cemetery Magic dye On a skeleton opposite of the entrance to Gwent Frienship Society's chamber in the catacombs.
Temple Cemetery Mutagen In an altar-like place with many skulls on the wall in the catacombs. To reach it, after entering the catacombs take the corridor on the right, then right again just before the big hall, and then left on the next turn (on the map it will be directly opposite of The Clever Clogs Tavern). The formula is in the scrolls on the ground behind the desk.
Beauclair Port Mutagens Inside jointed houses east of Harbor Gate, south of the Ducal Guard Post and west of The Rocking Horse, looks like a single big building on the map. From the eastern entrance by a streetside tree, look for one formula in a chest between the door and the ladder to the second floor. Then exit and go down to the western street, where another entrance takes you right under the previous house, and the formula there is in a chest to the left.
The Gran'place Mutagens Inside the first house north of the signpost, one formula is in a chest by the windows on the second floor. Inside the northernmost house in the same row another formula is in a chest on the second floor, just after climbing the stairs.
Beauclair outskirts Mutagen Inside the lone small house east of Metinna Gate and south of Beauclair Port, in a trunk straight from the entrance.
Moreau's laboratory Mutagen In a chest beside on of the empty cells in the laboratory during Turn and Face the Strange.
Castel Ravello Mutagen Inside the northern house outside the estate walls, in a trunk by the bed.
Chuchote Cave Magic dye In the small bundle container on the edge of the workers' tent.
Pavone Slope Relic dye This is the abandoned site south of Lac Célavy, visited during Wine Wars: Vermentino. The formula is in the loaded cart beside the shed.
Bastoy Prison Ruins Relic dye On a skeleton next to the big chest, which itself is next to the treasure for The Toussaint Prison Experiment.
Grottore's cave Magic dye On a skeleton at the very bottom of Grottore's cave during Feet as Cold as Ice. It's behind his protective tree root wall, so he must be killed first.
Pittapatte River Crossing Magic dye In a crate right where the rabid rock trolls are. This location is also a location for Wine Wars: Coronata and the starting point for Coin Doesn't Stink.
Pinastri's Hermitage Mutagen In the small cabinet by the window inside the hut.
Abandoned Temple to the Prophet Lebioda Mutagen In the Great Beggar's room during Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Manticore Gear, as scrolls on the ground near the diagrams.
Villa Vedette Mutagen Inside the house, in a trunk opposite of the painting with the diagrams during Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Feline Gear.
Lynx Crag Magic dyes
Inside the witch's hut during A Knight's Tales, there's a mutagen formula in the trunk behind the door, and a dye one in the small cabinet to the right of the table. Another dye formula is on a skeleton by the northern grotto entrance.
Tulasens Caves Mutagen Bandit camp at the western entrance, in the red-glowing sack.
Tilly Field Mutagen This is the abandoned site terrorized by a slyzard during Wine Wars: Belgaard. The formula is in the big chest by the road, next to where the corpse cart appears after the site is liberated.
Owl Eye Grottos Relic dyes One formula is in a sack beside a skeleton just under the stair-like descent after entering the northern entrance (usually visited during Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Ursine Gear or Contract: The Tufo Monster). Another is in the Monster of Tufo's lair, in a small chest beside a skeleton to the right of the big hole.
Tufo Relic dye Inside the cellar, in a small chest in the alcove right of the entrance. To gain access, the key to the cellar must be acquired first during Contract: The Tufo Monster.
Fort Ussar Ruins Magic dye In a chest in the ruins near the Slyzard Matriarch, in the small room nearest to the signpost.
Mont Crane Castle Magic dye
In the catacombs behind the illusory wall during Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Griffin Gear. A mutagen formula is on the table with the power crystal. Another one, along the dye formula are on a table in the alcove to the right.
Mont Crane Castle Relic dye
After defeating Filibert von Wittan, the dye formula is in the small yellow chest on the table nearby, and the mutagen formula in the big chest near it.
Tourney Grounds Magic dye In the armorer's tent. However, the containers there don't seem to appear after Patch 4.0.