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|[[File:Tw3 grilled pork.png|thumb|64x64px]]||Grilled pork||18{{Crown Item}}||10||80
|[[File:Tw3 grilled pork.png|thumb|64x64px|centre]]||Grilled pork||18{{Crown Item}}||10||80
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|[[File:Tw3 roasted chicken leg.png|thumb|64x64px]]||Roasted chicken leg||8{{Crown Item}}||10||50
|[[File:Tw3 roasted chicken leg.png|thumb|64x64px|centre]]||Roasted chicken leg||8{{Crown Item}}||10||50

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Disambig-icon This article is about the food and drink in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For the food and drink in The Witcher, see The Witcher food and drink. For the food in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, see The Witcher 2 food.
Tw3 Islanders feast
Tw3 Knights square rich folks

Food and drink are used to regenerate health in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Each item is linked to an ability that defines the magnitude and duration of the effect. There are three quality tiers for food and another 3 for drinks.

It is possible to consume one food and one drink, in order to receive benefits from both at the same time. Consuming multiple beverages or food items won't stack (i.e. only the last consumed food or beverage effect will take place).

List of food

Image Food Base Price Duration (seconds) Regeneration per second Total Regeneration Regeneration per gold
Tw3 apple
Apple1Crownitem550 250 250
Tw3 baked apple
Baked apple7Crownitem1050 500 71.43
Tw3 baked potato
Baked potato14Crownitem1080 800 57.14
Tw3 banana
Banana6Crownitem1050 500 83.33
Tw3 blueberries
Blueberries4Crownitem550 250 62.5
Tw3 bread
Bread2Crownitem550 250 125
Tw3 burnt bread
Burned bread 1Crownitem 5 50 250 250
Tw3 burned sweet bun
Burned sweet bun1Crownitem550 250 250
Tw3 dog tallow
Butter 5Crownitem 10 80 800 160
Tw3 candy
Candy6Crownitem1050 500 83.33
Tw3 cheese
Cheese8Crownitem1050 500 62.5
Tw3 chicken
Chicken18Crownitem1080 800 44.44
Tw3 chicken leg
Chicken leg10Crownitem1050 500 50
Tw3 chicken sandwich
Chicken sandwich16Crownitem1080 800 50
Tw3 cucumber
Cucumber2Crownitem550 500 250
Tw3 dried fish
Dried fish18Crownitem1080 800 44.44
Tw3 dried fruit
Dried fruit12Crownitem1080 800 66.67
Tw3 dried fruit and nuts
Dried fruit and nuts12Crownitem1080 800 66.67
Tw3 dumpling
Dumpling 1Crownitem 5 50 250 250
Tw3 egg
Egg3Crownitem550 250 83.33
Tw3 jar of honey
Exquisite honey30Crownitem1080 800 26.67
Tw3 fish
Fish14Crownitem1080 800 57.14
Tw3 fondue
Fondue16Crownitem1080 800 50
Tw3 fried meat
Fried meat20Crownitem1080 800 40
Tw3 grapes
Grapes6Crownitem1050 500 83.33
Tw3 grilled chicken sandwich
Grilled chicken sandwich18Crownitem1080 800 44.44
Tw3 grilled pork
Grilled pork18Crownitem1080 800 44.44
Tw3 gutted fish
Gutted fish12Crownitem1050 500 41.67
Tw3 ham sandwich
Ham sandwich18Crownitem1080 800 44.44
Tw3 honeycomb
Honeycomb8Crownitem1050 500 62.5
Tw3 jar of honey
Jar of honey 50Crownitem n/a n/a
Tw3 mushroom
Mushroom1Crownitem550 250 250
Tw3 mutton leg
Mutton leg14Crownitem1080 800 57.14
Tw3 mutton stew
Mutton stew15Crownitem1080 800 53.33
Tw3 olive
Olive3Crownitem550 250 83.33
Tw3 onion
Onion1Crownitem550 250 250
Tw3 pear
Pear3Crownitem550 250 83.33
Tw3 pepper
Pepper2Crownitem550 250 125
Tw3 plum
Plum2Crownitem550 250 125
Tw3 pork
Pork16Crownitem1080 800 50
Tw3 potato wedges
Potato wedges 12Crownitem 10 50 500 41.67
Tw3 potatoes
Potatoes8Crownitem1050 500 62.5
Tw3 raspberries
Raspberries4Crownitem550 250 62.5
Tw3 raw meat
Raw meat4Crownitem550 250 62.5
Tw3 roasted chicken
Roasted chicken12Crownitem1080 800 66.67
Tw3 roasted chicken leg
Roasted chicken leg8Crownitem1050 500 62.5
Tw3 strawberries
Strawberries4Crownitem550 250 62.5
Tw3 sweet bun
Sweet bun 8Crownitem 10 50 500 62.5
Tw3 toffee
Toffee2Crownitem550 250 125

List of drinks

Image Food Base Price Duration (seconds) Regeneration per second Total Regeneration Regeneration per gold
Tw3 apple juice
Apple juice6Crownitem1080
Tw3 beauclair white
Beauclair white18Crownitem1510
Tw3 cows milk
Cow's milk3Crownitem3015
Tw3 dijkstra dry
Dijkstra dry12Crownitem1510
Tw3 erveluce
Tw3 est est
Est Est40Crownitem
Tw3 goats milk
Goat's milk4Crownitem3015
Tw3 kaedweni stout
Kaedwenian stout7Crownitem
Tw3 mettina rose
Mettina rosé 15Crownitem
Tw3 nilfgaardian lemon
Homemade pepper vodka2Crownitem1510
Tw3 potion from Tir na Lia
Potion from Tir ná Lia 1Crownitem550
Tw3 raspberry juice
Raspberry juice7Crownitem2015
Tw3 redanian lager
Redanian lager11Crownitem1510
Tw3 rivian kriek
Rivian kriek6Crownitem1510
Tw3 vinegar
Tw3 viziman champion
Viziman champion7Crownitem1510
Tw3 water


  • Originally, food items had weight, but this was later changed.
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