The following is a list of minor characters from The Witcher Role-Playing Game that have too little information on them to have their own pages.


Afan of Gulet was a talented mage who created the spell known as Afan's Mirror.


Cadfan of Ebbing was a magician and smith who created the spell known as Cadfan's Grasp.


Dormyn of Gemmera was a well-known mage who created the spell known as Dormyn's Fog.


Drystan was a magician who invented the spell known as Talfryn's Prison named after a treacherous knight he imprisoned.


Kalina was a dwarven bouncer working at The Iron Beard. She had heard of Dandelion and met Zoltan Chivay a couple of times.


Luthien of Ebbing was a mage who invented the spell known as Luthien's Quill.


Oleck of Ban Gleán was a witcher from the School of the Wolf. He was famous for killing a demon terrorising Ellander ages ago.


On the road from Kaer Morhen to Cintra Oleck heard word of a devil from terrorised folk looking for a witcher. He nodded his head and went to meet with the Duke of Ellander. For the task he bargained a new silver blade and a pound of coin. Because the duke was a religious man, the sword witcher obtained did not only shimmer silver, but was also anointed by a priestess of Moon-Goddess Lilvani, hence the name Moonblade.

With his new sword, Oleck lay in wait in Hagge until he spotted the demon possessing a farmer's body about to set fire to the granary. Witcher confronted it: it laughed and said the witcher would not cut down an innocent to kill him. Oleck then cut down the farmer on the spot. After a long duel, the now-in-real-shape demon was killed and the combat became a subject of legends.


Talfryn of Nazair was a treacherous knight who was trapped for three days in the garden of the magician Drystan.


Urien of Cidaris was a nautical air magician who created the spell known as Urien's Shelter.
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