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Tutorial fistfights

Fistfighting is a skill which is not only useful for self-defense and a bit of exercise, but also for earning orens. In The Witcher, you can earn some easy gold by challenging the steady crop of fighters found loitering at all the local inns and taverns to fights.

There are "title fights", where you work your way up in fame through the Fistfight quest and win more than just gold, as well as any number of non-title matches which are strictly for cash. Just click on the potential opponent as you would to speak to any other game character, negotiate your wager and commence fighting.

Associated quests[]


Do not get excited. You can only wager on your own fights. It might be fun to speculate on the outcome of other fistfights, but that is not part of this game.

When making a wager, it is always good to maximize your potential winnings (since winning is pretty much a given, see Fistfighting made easy). "Title" fighters will not negotiate their wagers, but you can bet between the following amounts of money for generic fighters:

Fist fighter type Minimum bet Maximum bet
Wimpy fist fighter 1 10
Fist fighter 10 20
Tough fist fighter 20 50
Professional fist fighter 50 100


Show me what you have got!

To initiate the fight, click on the Fistfight icon during dialogue:

  • A yellow base (circle on the ground) indicates the vitality of the character with whom Geralt is fighting.
  • Left-click on the target to attack.
  • Right-click and hold to block an opponent's punches.
  • Do not block for too long as it drains Endurance.


  • Sometimes, Geralt might one-hit kill his opponent, which causes the game to break, and the only solution is to load a previous save game file.
  • If you start a fight late (for example 20:30) during chapters 2, 3 or 4, and then proceed to win the fight after 21:00, then you lose your money even if you win the fight.The probable reason is that fistfighters must give the player their traditional speech about losing. However, fistfighters won't fight you at night - they respond simply with "not now whitey", which they default to if you win the fight after 21:00, thus depriving you of your orens.