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The major locations in the game are as follows: Kaer Morhen, the outskirts, the Temple Quarter, the Trade Quarter, the lakeside / Murky Waters, Old Vizima, the swamp cemetery, and the old manor.

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General types of locations Edit

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These kinds of places are found in each of the Chapters of The Witcher, for which a general treatment already exists:

Icon Prologue Prologue Edit

Kaer Morhen Edit

Icon Act I Chapter I Edit

Map Outskirts


Outskirts of Vizima Edit

Main village Edit

Private homes
These are private homes outside the main village

Gates Edit

Icon Act II Chapter II Edit

Map Vizima Temple Quarter

Temple Quarter

Temple Quarter of Vizima Edit

Nonhuman district Edit

Map Vizima Dike


Map Swamp


Slums Edit

Gates Edit

Vizima dike Edit

Swamp Edit

Icon Act III Chapter III Edit

Map Trade Quarter

Trade Quarter

Trade Quarter of Vizima Edit

Gates Edit

Temple Quarter of Vizima Edit

Swamp Edit

Other Edit

Icon Act IV Chapter IV Edit

Map Lakeside


Black Tern Island Edit

Fields Edit

Lakeside Edit

Murky Waters Edit


Just outside the village

Icon Act V Chapter V Edit

Map Swamp Cemetery

Swamp cemetery

Map Old Vizima

Old Vizima

Royal castle Edit

Swamp cemetery Edit

Old manor Edit

Old Vizima Edit

Vizima dike Edit

Icon Epilogue Epilogue Edit

Temple Quarter of Vizima Edit

Ice Plains Edit

Not so much a "physical" location, but a dreamspace.

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