The models used in the game are very difficult to change, but quite a bit of work has been done by Michael DarkAngel to make the exporting of 3D models more workable and free!

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Reference table of 3D game models

Sorting is not everything it should be with this table, so I have tried to add some consistent terms for free text searches (using your browser). Terms that can be searched are:

  • Scoia'tael
  • Order
  • Commoners
  • City Guard


Image Name / filename
Cr bard1 c1g1 Cr bard1 c2g2 People Herald

Commoners: Bards / Herald

  • cr_bard1_c1g1
  • cr_bard1_c2g2
  • cr_bard2_c1g1
Cr elf3 c2g2

Scoia'tael female

  • cr_elf3_c2g2
People Innkeeper malePeople Innkeeper Hairy Bear Cr exile1 c2g2

Commoners: Innkeepers

  • cr_exile1_c1g1
  • cr_exile1_c1g3
  • cr_exile1_c2g2
Cr order5 c1g1 Cr order5 c1g2 Cr order5 c1g3 Cr order5 c1g4 Cr order5 c1g5

Order knights

  • cr_order5_c1g1
  • cr_order5_c1g2
  • cr_order5_c1g3
  • cr_order5_c1g4
  • cr_order5_c1g5
Cr order6 c1g1

Order knight

  • cr_order6_c1g1
Cr scoia1 c1g1

Scoia'tael female, masked

  • cr_scoia1_c1g1
People City guard full

City Guard

  • cr_guard2_c1g1
People Gramps full People Gardener People Fisher King full

Gramps / Gardener / Fisher King / Bootblack / Commoners: beggar

  • cr_poor3_c1g1
  • cr_poor3_c2g2
  • cr_poor3_c3g3
People Nobleman People Nobleman 2 People Nobleman 3

Commoners: Nobleman

  • cr_noble1_c1g1
  • cr_noble1_c2g2
  • cr_noble1_c3g3
Cr order2 c1g1

Order arbalester

  • cr_order2_c1g1
People Adam preEE People Adam full People Adams ghost

Adam / Adam's ghost

  • cr_citi2_c1g1
  • cr_citi2_c1g2
  • cr_ghost1_c1g1
People Adda full People Adda undressed

Princess Adda

  • cr_adda1_c1g1
  • cr_naked5_c1g1
People Abigail full People Alina full People Vesna full People Celina full

Abigail / Alina / Vesna Hood / Celina

  • cr_vanes1_c1g1
  • cr_vanes1_c2g2
  • cr_vanes1_c3g3
  • cr_vanes1_c4g4
People Alvin full


  • cr_alvin1_c1g1
People Arbalester Cr temer2 c2g2

City Guard Arbalesters

  • cr_temer2_c1g1
  • cr_temer2_c2g2
People Azar full

Azar Javed

  • cr_rienc1_c1g1
People Berengar full


  • cr_beren1_c1g1
People Courtesans full People Blue-eyes full

Courtesans /Blue-eyed lass

  • cr_bitch2_c1g1
  • cr_bitch2_c2g2
People Bandit leader Cr exile4 c1g1

Commoners: Bouncer / Executioner / Bandit

  • cr_exile3_c1g1
  • cr_exile4_c1g1
People Brickmaker 1 People Brickmaker 3 People Butter Bean People Brickmaker 4 People Brickmaker 5 People Brickmaker 6 People Brickmaker 7 People Brickmaker 2

Commoners: brickmakers

  • cr_fat1_c1g1
  • cr_fat1_c2g2
  • cr_fat1_c3g3
  • cr_fat1_c4g4
  • cr_fat1_c5g5
  • cr_fat1_c6g6
  • cr_fat1_c7g7
  • cr_fat1_c8g8
People Prostitutes full People Carmen full People Queen of the night

Carmen / Queen of the Night / Prostitutes

  • cr_bitch1_c1g1
  • cr_bitch1_c2g3
  • cr_bitch1_c2g2
People Elf full People Elf full 3

Chireadan / Elven craftsman / Scoia'tael, male

  • cr_scoia3_c1g1
  • cr_scoia3_c2g2
People Coleman full


  • cr_band6_c1g1
People Dandelion full


  • cr_jaskr1_c1g1
People Odo full People Novigrad traveller People Leuvaarden full

Declan Leuvaarden / Odo / Commoners: Novigrad traveller and merchants

  • cr_venfa1_c1g1
  • cr_venfa1_c2g2
  • cr_venfa1_c3g3
People Desperate merchant full People Traveller

Commoners: merchants, thin / Desperate Merchant

  • cr_venth1_c1g1
  • cr_venth1_c2g2
People Dryad full


  • cr_naked3_c1g1
People Elf full 2

Scoia'tael convict

  • cr_scoia10_c1g1
People Elf sorceress full

Scoia'tael sorceress

  • cr_elf5_c1g1
People Guard officer

City Guard officers / Erkin von Blunt

  • cr_knigh1_c1g1
People Eskel full


  • cr_eskel1_c1g1
People Ferryman full Cr exile5 c4g4

Ferryman / Angus / Commoners: various lowlife

  • cr_exile5_c1g1
  • cr_exile5_c4g4
People Foltest full


  • cr_folt1_c1g1
Geralt model 1 Geralt model 2 Geralt model 3


  • cr_witch1_c1g1
  • cr_witch2_c1g1
  • cr_witch2_c2g2
People GM full

Grand Master

  • cr_masta1_c1g1
People Grandma full


  • cr_grand1_c1g1
People Half-elf full

Scoia'tael half-elf woman

  • cr_elf3_c1g1
People Haren full People Ramsmeat full

Haren Brogg / Ramsmeat

  • cr_exile7_c1g1
  • cr_exile8_c1g1
People Mason Harn

Mason Harn / Commoners

  • cr_citi5_c1g1
People Druid full People Hermit full

Druid / Hermit

  • cr_pries4_c1g1
  • cr_pries4_c1g2
People kalkstein full


  • cr_kalks2_c1g1
People Lady of the Lake full

Lady of the lake

  • cr_naked4_c1g1
People Lambert full


  • cr_lamb1_c1g1
People Leo full People Leos ghost


  • cr_leo1_c1g1
  • cr_leo2_c1g1
People Madman

Commoners: Madman

  • cr_citi1_c1g1
People Blacksmith dwarf People Malcolm Steins apprentice

Malcolm Stein / Zahin Schmartz / Trader

  • cr_kmine1_c1g1
  • cr_kmine1_c2g2
People Innkeeper female Cr aunt1 c2g2 People Hildegard People Innkeeperess

Commoners: Innkeeper female

  • cr_aunt1_c1g1
  • cr_aunt1_c2g2
  • cr_aunt1_c3g3
  • cr_aunt1_C4g4
People Boy 3 People Boy 2 People Boy 3

Commoners: Messenger boy / lost brickmaker child / boy

  • cr_urchi1_c1g1
  • cr_urchi1_c2g2
  • cr_urchi1_c3g3
People Mikul full People Jethro full People Mercenary Cr guard1 c3g3 People Order Merchant Cr guard1 c5g5

Mikul / Jethro / mercenaries / City Guards / Order Merchant

  • cr_guard1_c1g1
  • cr_guard1_c1g6
  • cr_guard1_c2g2
  • cr_guard1_c3g3
  • cr_guard1_c4g4
  • cr_guard1_c5g5
People Blacksmith human

Murky Waters blacksmith

  • cr_thin1_c1g1
People Noblewoman 3 People Noblewoman 1 People Noblewoman 2

Commoners: Antoinette / Commoners: Noblewoman

  • cr_woman1_c1g1
  • cr_woman1_c2g2
  • cr_woman1_c3g3
People Novice nun

Novice nun

  • cr_pries1_c1g1
People Old Peasant1

Commoners: Old peasant man

  • cr_citi4_c1g1
People Old Woman wine

Commoners: Old peasant woman

  • cr_grand1_c2g2
People Patrick de Weyze

Patrick de Weyze

  • cr_knigh1_c3g3
People Professor full


  • cr_assas3_c1g1
  • cr_prof2_c1g1
People Radovid


  • cr_knigh1_c2g2
Geralt model 6 Geralt model 4 Geralt model 5

Geralt in Raven's armor

  • cr_witch5_c2g2 Raven's armor (elves)
  • cr_witch5_c1g1 Raven's armor (neutral)
  • cr_witch5_c3g3 Raven's armor (order)
People Raymond full

Raymond Maarloeve

  • cr_rienc2_c1g1
People Girl

Commoners: Red haired girl

  • cr_urchi3_c1g1
People Resolute girl full

Resolute girl / Commoners

  • cr_urchi2_c1g1
People Reverend preEE People hierophant People Reverend full

Reverend (pre-EE) / Hierophant / Reverend

  • cr_pries2_c1g1
  • cr_pries2_c2g2
  • cr_pries2_c2g3
People DeWett full

Roderick de Wett

  • cr_order4_c1g1
People Huntsman full

Royal huntsman

  • cr_lead1_c1g1
People Salamandra assassin

Salamandra bandit (red face scarf)

  • cr_prof1_c1g1
People Salamandra lackey People Salamandra boss


  • cr_assas2_c1g1
  • cr_assas2_c2g2
People Salamandra masked warrior People Savolla

Salamandra masked assassin / Savolla

  • cr_assas1_c1g1
  • cr_assas1_c2g2
People Scoiatael commando leader

Scoia'tael commander

  • cr_scoia5_c1g1
People Shani full People Shani undressed


  • cr_shani_c1g1
  • cr_naked2_c1g1
People Siegfried full People Siegfried battle People Siegfried armor


  • cr_zygfr1_c1g1
  • cr_zygfr2_c1g1
  • cr_zygfr3_c1g1
People Thaler full


  • cr_maggo1_c1g1
People Thug full People Thug full 2 People Thug full 3

Thug / jester

  • cr_band2_c1g1 red
  • cr_band2_c2g2 blue
  • cr_band2_c3g3 magenta
People Tobias full

Tobias Hoffman

  • cr_citi6_c1g1
People Toruviel full


  • cr_toruv1_c1g1
People Townsman People Julian full

Julian / Commoners: Townsman

  • cr_citi3_c1g1
  • cr_citi3_c1g2
People Alchemist full

Commoners: Trade Quarter alchemist

  • cr_kalks1_c2g2
People Triss battle People Triss full People Triss undressed

Triss Merigold

  • cr_triss2_c1g1
  • cr_triss1_c1g1
  • cr_naked1_c1g1
People Velerad full


  • cr_veler1_c1g1
People Vesemir full


  • cr_vesem1_c1g1
People Vincent full People Jean-Pierre full

Vincent Meis / Jean-Pierre

  • cr_temer4_c1g1
  • cr_temer4_c3g3
People Vivaldi full People Munro

Golan Vivaldi / Munro Bruys / dwarf

  • cr_kmerc1_c1g1
  • cr_kmerc1_c2g2
People Herbalist female People Waitress Hairy Bear People Blacksmiths Wife People Waitress full People Waitress full 2

Commoners: waitresses / peasant women / Blacksmith's wife

  • cr_boob2_c1g1
  • cr_boob2_c2g2
  • cr_boob2_c3g3
  • cr_boob2_c4g4
  • cr_boob2_c5g5
People Rayla full People Rayla full 2

White Rayla / mutant Rayla

  • cr_rayla1_c1g1
  • cr_rayla2_c1g1
People Yaevinn full People Yaevinn armor full


  • cr_yaev1_c1g1
  • cr_yaev2_c1g1
People dwarf full Cr scoia7 c2g2 People Yaren Bolt full People dwarf full 2

Yaren Bolt / dwarf

  • cr_scoia7_c1g1
  • cr_scoia7_c2g2
  • cr_scoia7_c3g3
  • cr_scoia7_c4g4
People Zoltan full

Zoltan Chivay

  • cr_scoia9_c5g5
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