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The soundtrack for The Witcher was composed by Adam Skorupa and Paweł Błaszczak. In some editions of the game, the soundtrack CD is included with the game. It consists of 29 tracks with a total running time of 73 minutes and 13 seconds.

A separate CD, Inspired by The Witcher is sold separately and available with some international editions of the game.

Both soundtracks are included in The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

List of tracks[edit | edit source]

No Name Composer Length
01 Dusk of a Northern Kingdom Adam Skorupa 4:32
02 A Wolf's Demise Adam Skorupa 2:09
03 River of Life Paweł Błaszczak 5:19
04 Mighty Paweł Błaszczak 1:08
05 Dead City Adam Skorupa 8:02
06 Last Battle Paweł Błaszczak 1:12
07 Elaine Ettariel Adam Skorupa (lyrics by Andrzej Sapkowski) 1:13
08 To Arms (Rebellion) Adam Skorupa 1:22
09 The Princess Striga Paweł Błaszczak & Adam Skorupa 6:50
10 Returning to the Fortress Paweł Błaszczak 1:28
11 Evening in the Tavern Paweł Błaszczak 0:55
12 Peaceful Moments Adam Skorupa 5:08
13 An Ominous Place Adam Skorupa 5:10
14 Temerian Castle Theme Paweł Błaszczak 0:47
15 The Order Paweł Błaszczak 3:51
16 Night Approaches Paweł Błaszczak 1:06
17 The Grand Master Revealed Adam Skorupa 1:26
18 Withered Roses Adam Skorupa 1:14
19 Prepare for Battle! Paweł Błaszczak 1:06
20 Do You Remember? Adam Skorupa 1:30
21 The Lesser of Two Evils Paweł Błaszczak & Adam Skorupa 1:53
22 Catch Me If You Can Adam Skorupa 0:22
23 Tavern at the End of World Paweł Błaszczak 1:23
24 The Dike Paweł Błaszczak 7:02
25 Twilight Adam Skorupa 0:37
26 A Matter of Conscience Paweł Błaszczak & Adam Skorupa 1:26
27 Leo's Farewell Adam Skorupa 1:44
28 Silver Sword Paweł Błaszczak 1:31
29 Kingdom & Betrayal Paweł Błaszczak & Adam Skorupa 1:48

Notes[edit | edit source]

All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Paweł Błaszczak and Adam Skorupa.

Additional performers:

  • Karolina Cel — solo violin (track 11)
  • Iwona Malczewska — vocals (tracks 01, 03, 04, 09, 15, 19, 26)
  • Adam Skorupa — vocals (track 07)

Lyrics for "Elaine Ettariel" by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Additional Arrangement:

  • Adam Skorupa (track 23)


We would like to thank Sylwia Błaszczak, Katarzyna Tomasik, Kinga Błaszczak, Rafał Ejchorszt, Leszek Skorupa, Marysia & Przemek Jurek, Tomasz Nidecki, Michał Pręgowski, Jacek Kielak, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, Wojciech Panufnik, Aleksander Grochocki, Radosław Kochman, Wojciech Podgórski, Jacek Dojwa, Daniel Lulkowski, Sylwia & Michał Kulesza, Loki, "The Witcher" Team and CD Projekt.
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