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Trophy quests begin when a head is removed from an exceptional monster's remains. There are ten of these quests in The Witcher, two in each chapter. They are all secondary, although completing the main plot will require beginning (not necessarily completing) The Beast of the Sewers.

Trophy heads can be redeemed whenever Geralt has access to the current chapter's "trophy official" (these are noted by chapter below). However, since you can only carry one at a time, turning them in as you get them is more efficient. (Up to patch 1.4, trophy heads could be stored at inns. It has been reported that since that patch, it may be possible.)

The target of a trophy quest is usually larger than others of its kind, but is primarily set apart by having a specific name.

Trophy heads do not seem to despawn if you drop them.

Periodic additional rewards[]

For a dedicated trophy-hunter, there are occasional rewards beyond the money and experience. Note that when the third/fifth/tenth trophy is turned in, the bonus is given the next time Geralt speaks with a "trophy official".

Runes Svarog

Third trophy: After three trophy heads have been handed in, Geralt receives a Svarog temporary rune.

Runes Perun

Fifth trophy: There is also a reward after five heads have been redeemed — a Perun temporary rune.

Weapons Moonblade

Tenth trophy: Finally, there is the ultimate reward for handing in all ten trophies - a choice between two splendid swords: the Moon Blade (silver) or G'valchir (steel).

Chapter I Chapter I (Outskirts of Vizima)[]

The Royal huntsman will mention these two. He can be found camping, just past the first two abandoned huts west of the Outskirts Inn.

Icon Quest Prey Orens / XP
Trophy Nadir
The Monster of the Lake Nadir, a drowned dead near the old mill 200 Items Oren / 1000 XP
Trophy Ozzrel
King of the Crypt Ozzrel, an alghoul in the crypt 200 Items Oren / 1000 XP

Chapter II Chapter II (Temple Quarter of Vizima)[]

Vincent Meis assumes the Royal Huntsman's trophy-exchange duties. His post is just outside the dungeon near the Gate to the Trade Quarter - though while waiting for the cockatrice's head he will be in the dungeon proper, and at night he is nowhere to be found...

Icon Quest Prey Orens / XP
Trophy Cockatrice
The Beast of the Sewers A greater cockatrice in the sewers of the Temple Quarter 400 Items Oren / 3000 XP
Trophy Coccacidium
Bloodthirsty Vegetation Coccacidium, a large archespore 400 Items Oren / 3000 XP

Chapter III Chapter III (Trade Quarter of Vizima)[]

The Royal huntsman is back, now found just outside the cemetery gate in the Trade Quarter (just south of the guardhouse's upper floor), but his role remains the same.

Icon Quest Prey Orens / XP
Trophy Voref
White Fang Voref, a large wolf 600 Items Oren / 5000 XP
Trophy Moa
The Predatory Wyvern Moa, a large royal wyvern 600 Items Oren / 5000 XP

Chapter IV Chapter IV (Lakeside)[]

Tobias Hoffman can be found during business hours at his home in the village of Murky Waters. He will tip you off to the existence of two monsters haunting the nearby fields.

Icon Quest Prey Orens / XP
Trophy Teyu
The Vodyan Priest Teyu, a Vodyanoi priest 800 Items Oren / 7000 XP
Trophy Ureus
The Ancient Cemetaur Ureus, a cemetaur 800 Items Oren / 7000 XP

Chapter V Chapter V (Old Vizima)[]

The Royal huntsman is in the druids' cave during this chapter; he will mention two pesky critters haunting the swamp cemetery.

Icon Quest Prey Orens / XP
Trophy Vesper
Bloodwing Vesper, a garkain 1000 Items Oren / 10000 XP
Trophy Lilly
The Vampiress of the Swamp Lilly, a bruxa 1000 Items Oren / 10000 XP


  • A peasant or townsman in the outskirts may mention that Mikul "buys trophies", but even if this is true he will not buy them from Geralt. Based on other things said of Mikul, it's fair to speculate that he would pay less than the official bounty, then profit (in money and reputation) by bringing the trophy to the proper authorities.