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The Wraith Contract

Ashes from a wraith, also known as Death Dust - badly needed! Bring four handfuls. Payment will be made by Kalkstein the alchemist.

Walkthrough Edit

Substances Death dust Substances Death dust Substances Death dust Substances Death dust

What is that alchemist up to now? What could he possibly need death dust for?

Notes Edit

  • To complete this quest, you must have an entry about Wraiths in the Bestiary. You might have Death Dust saved up in storage from barghests and/or noonwraiths earlier in the game, but you will have to remember to bring it with you into Chapter V in order to complete this quest without a Wraith entry.
  • If you are short on death dust, wraiths abound in Raven's crypt.

Phases Edit

Death Dust Edit

Kalkstein needs the remains of four monsters. I need to obtain four handfuls of death dust for Kalkstein.

Loot Edit

Death dust, four portions. Just what Kalkstein had in mind. Time to get paid. I should see Kalkstein and claim my reward.

Payment Edit

Job done, though I don't know what he needed the dust for. I received my reward for the death dust. (300 Items Oren + 7000 XP)

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